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Hotel Esprit St Germain vs Grand Hotel du PAlais Royale

My husband and I have been to Hotel St Germain and loved it. But, it was several yeArs ago. The Grand Hotel du PalIais Royale is highly recommended. Can anyone give me some advice on this hotel choice? Thank you

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They are both nice expensive hotels.. with the Palais Du Royal being the more expensive.. they are both well reviewed. However.. I would much prefer the location of the Hotel Esprit . Just personal taste..

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Those two hotels are very different from each other. It really depends on what you want. The Grand Hotel du Palais is like the grown-up version of the Esprit Saint Germain. I am estimating but the Grand Hotel is at least twice as big in terms of the number of rooms and the size of the place. Its gym is much better equipped and it has a restaurant. So if those things are important to you, it is the better choice. My husband prefers the Grand Hotel but he does not really like small hotels and a good gym is very important to him. I, on the other hand, like the Esprit Saint Germain better even though I intensely dislike one of its rooms because of what I consider an excessive amount of exposed dark wood beams. I do not work out while on vacation and do not mind smaller hotels and I very much prefer the location of the Esprit Saint Germain.

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Thank you very much for your reply! I think we are settling on the Grand Hotel...just hope there are no riots. What I am seeing is awful.