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Hotel Diana in Paris

Has anyone stayed here? It is a great price and in a good location in Le Marais.


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We've never stayed here, but if you type in "Hotel Diana" in the search box at the top of the screen you'll get quite a few results. You can filter it to see the newer topics. This is actually a hotel I will probably stay at the next time we go because of all the positive reviews I've seen here. Also - it's in the Latin Quarter, not the Marais.

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Thanks for your response. I realized that it was in the Latin Quarter as I was doing more
reading. It is close to the Le Foodist cooking class that we are doing while there.
I am excited but so exhausted trying to figure out our itinerary.

Do you have any ideas for me on how to plan it?

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Are you trying to plan an itinerary for Paris? If so how long to do plan to be in Paris? Why don't you look at the week long Paris tour to get ideas on how to plan the days. You don't have to follow the week to the T but it will give you a basis on how to plan out your days in Paris. Did you buy the RS Paris guide book, that too will give you ideas on how to plan out the days. Have you looked at the Paris scrapbooks as that too will give you ideas as to what tour members did on the tour as well as what they did on their free time. Have you watched any YouTube videos that Rick Steves and others have posted on YouTube about Paris. There are tons of free videos on YouTube which will enable you to see Paris and get ideas of what you may want to see. Have you looked on flickr as people post tons of photos of Paris and this too will enable you to see what interests you. Have you read the France forum where people write in like yourself and posted questions about Paris. Read the posts, this too will help you and give you ideas as to what to see and do in Paris. What are your interests, museums, churches, Seine boat ride, walking tours? I have been to Paris several times and if you have specific questions feel free to ask me. I have been to many of the museums, churches, some nice restaurants. You need to be more specific in order for us to help you put together an itinerary. But in order to be more specific you need to figure out what you think you would like to see while you are in Paris and we need to know how many days in Paris and for some day trips outside of Paris. I hope this helps so that you can start planning an itinerary more easily and not feel overwhelmed by it. There is so much to see and do in Paris that you won't see it all in one week. But you will see alot and sure you will enjoy what you see and do.

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Hi, On our first day in Paris, we arrive at our hotel around 3-3:30pm. We are hoping to take a bus tour around the city, see the Eiffel Tower and take a river cruise the first night.
On our last day, we are taking a cooking class in the Latin Quarter with Le Foodist. This lasts from 9am (market included) to between 2:30-3pm. We will get a short tour of the Latin Quarter when we go to the market.

So we have two full days and Saturday afternoon.
Thursday (1st full day) we will go to the Louvre and not sure what else.
Friday around 6pm, I am considering taking the walking tour of Montmartre, and see outside and possibly the inside of Sacre Coeur.

One of these days we want to see Pont Neuf and I would like to stroll around the islands.
Also, my daughter wants to try escargot, so we want to have a nice dinner out somewhere. We are staying at the Hotel Diana in the Latin Quarter.

Any ideas from this partial itinerary? Thanks!

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Also, we enjoy museums, churches, walking tours, cool little "different" stores, etc.
My daughter is very flexible. I just want to get a good variety, knowing that I already want to go back
one day if that is possible.

thanks again.

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My favorite restaurants in Paris are: Le P'tit Trouquet 28 Rie de'Exposition and it is in the Rue Cler area. I have been there 3 x and it never disappoints! Make reservartions, very small place, not open for lunch.
Les Cocottes - Rue Cler also - 135 Rue St. Dominique -- all the dishes are served in small iron pots. Very nice place, but I will warn you all the tables are high and you sit in high stools. I went for lunch and it was perfect. I would go back for dinner too.
L'Orangerie -- On the Ile St. Louis - 28 Rue St Louis-en-lle reservations needed! Wonderful place, excellent food. Dinner here is perfect.
Brasserie Bouillon Racine - amazing decor sit on the 2nd floor, reservations needed. Most beautiful restaurant I have been to! Art Nouveau decor! 3 Rue Racine I believe it is near the Cluny Museum. Great for dinner
Creperie Josselin67 Rue du Montparnasse Fun and casual place - excellent crepes, best I ever had. You may not like crepes but I can almost say you will love these!!! Nothing else like it. Great for either lunch or dinner.
I will make sure the next time I go back to Paris I will go to all these restaurants and I hope to find more to add to my list. Make reservations and make sure a restaurant is open on a Sunday night as many in Paris seem to be closed. Have a wonderful trip. they may not be the areas that you asked for, but they are ones I have been to and really enjoyed. Let me know if you went to any of the above and if so, did you like them or not. Love to hear your feed back.

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Hi, Thank you for the restaurant recommendations. As my daughter and I were talking yesterday, we are considering just exploring around our hotel....which is in the area of the Notre Dame and Pantheon....not far from Pont Neuf, which we want to see....and possibly going to the Lourve that night since it stays open later on Wednesday nights. What do you think of this idea? It might be less stressful than trying to rush over to the Eiffel Tower area.
However, there is a bateauxbus that picks up right by our hotel so we could do the river cruise the first night. We might be able to get off by the Eiffel Tower and see it after dark.
So many choices, it is hard for me to narrow it down.

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My favorite river cruise is the one leaving from Pont Neuf -- no need to travel to the Eiffel Tower area for the others, and if you take it in the evening you can see the tower from the river. Cheaper that the Batobus, too, as I remember

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Let us know how you like the hotel. I tried to book it one year but they don't take reservations more than a couple of months in advance and that just made me too nervous so I ended up finding an apartment to rent. Have fun. You will love Paris!

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While you're wandering, don't miss crossing the footbridge from the back of Notre Dame to Ile Saint Louis. If you like little local shops and want to taste the best ice cream in Paris (Berthillon), stroll a couple of blocks down the length of this island. It's an often-overlooked neighborhood, right in the heart of Paris.