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Hotel de Banville

Has anyone stayed at the Hotel de Banville in the 17th? I know it's off the beaten path... But it looks charming and intimate. Thanks. Susan

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Compare it to the hotels near metro stations Cambronne and Segur, like along the Garibaldi boulevard,
and then see if it still seems charming and intimate -- especially given the price differences.
What do you want to encounter when beating the local paths :-) ?

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I see that you mentioned elsewhere that you want to get away from the hustle and bustle,
and it's true that Garibaldi has a lot of vehicle traffic on it, but the peripherique is worse --
in either spot you will be able to get on to slower side streets, but will you be out of earshot
of the train and vehicle traffic at the Banville?
The hotels around Garibaldi / Cambronne Metro are similar size, which I think of as mid-size
and are cheaper, and the neighborhood has turned to what we used to call yuppies, but family-oriented yuppies;
I don't know who is living in the area around the Banville.
I'm not a shopper, but my recollection is that around Cambronne are a lot of fashionable furniture and accessories stores,
but there's also a lot of active churches and synagogues that have interesting interiors,
and your options for metro lines are more than doubled by having both Cambronne and Segur stations to get into the system.
My reaction is peculiar to me, and I may not be typical of the RS posters here, but the Banville looks a little too slick for my tastes -- I agree with the urge to stay out of the usual districts like Rue Cler or around Opera, but if I want to get just slightly farther out, I think Garibaldi is the way to go -- the peripherique, where the Banville is, reminds me of game day traffic! But maybe that's because I've been there at the wrong times, so again take my pov with a big grain of salt.
It's also a matter of what you want to walk to -- like some other commenters here in the Forum, for me 15 minutes on the Champs Elysee is 10 minutes too much, while some people really enjoy it. Do you like the Miracle Mile in Chicago or the areas around large convention centers? Then maybe you'll want to stroll the Champs Elysee a lot. I'm more partial to the Marais or to the President Wilson museums and galleries.

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Thanks for these insights. Can you suggest a hotel or two in the area you referenced? I’d love to check them out.

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Use google maps for Garibaldi Square and look at all the hotels along that boulevard and branching off from the square --- they are all similar to the Banville, skinny streetfronts with angled roofs on the top floors,
including two of the Ibis chain, but you should look more probably at the Hotel eiffel Villa Garibaldi or the Hotel Eiffel Segur everything in this area is 3-star or 2.5-star catering to holiday makers mostly, but the staff and guests lean (I think) towards the young-and-diverse range. Some are a little more chic, like First Hotel,
but they are all typical in being serviceable but cramped by middle American standards.

Always virtually walk the streets with google street view so you have some sense of what you are getting -- the metro tracks are elevated above Garibaldi Blvd, but if you walk around the Banville, you'll see that there's a big parking garage and a busy traffic circle. I'd take train tracks over car traffic...

there are two mini markets on the plaza that are open reasonably late, and have fresh fruit and drinks to put together your own snacks or picnics, and the cafes on the plaza all have interesting plats du jour -- I recall in particular a half-rabbit with linguini that went really well with a light red carafe. Yum. Be prepared for stairs.