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Hotel D'Win in Paris

On our recent trip to Paris, my husband tested positive for covid and we were unable to do the RS tour. So, we had to find places to stay for the next two weeks. We called all over and had to move around A lot! We got reservations at this hotel the day of. We took an Uber to hotel D'Win as they had openings for three nights. The price was $310 euros per night (this was right before Easter). It was also listed in the Rick Steves guidebook. We got to the hotel and could not get in. There was a buzzer, and we had to buzz and wait for a number of minutes before the front desk person let us in. When we walked in, I was frankly, shocked. It looked like a youth hostel and not a very good one. However, we were a bit desperate, but I did tell the front desk person, that we would only be staying one night (instead of three). He had to refund us for the two nights we decided not to stay there, because he had already charged us before we even showed up. No elevator of course, so we hauled our luggage up many flights of stairs. We got to our room, and um, no. It was very, very basic and although it might have been acceptable for $120 euros per night, it was not acceptable for $310 euros per night! So, we decided we would look elsewhere. We went back down the stairs and told the front desk person, that we did not want to stay there and our money was refunded. This place really is in the youth hostel category and I think with all the hotels in Paris, it should be removed from the RS guidebook. We did find a much, much better place to stay at Hotel Baume in St. Germain de Pres area and it was $10 euros a night cheaper than hotel D'Win, and so, so much better!

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Ugh...NOT what you needed that day! (or any day or that matter!).