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Hotel between CDG and Paris

Hi. I'm looking for a hotel for one night that is located between Charles de Gaulle airport and Paris. We will be coming from another part of France, and would like to spend our last night at a Cabaret in Montmartre, but fly out the next morning. Any tips on where to stay where we could easily spend the evening in Paris but get to the airport quickly the next morning?

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From Montmartre to CDG is about 15 miles, and you might do best to take a cab. Bus #68 will get you to CDG, but in rush hour it can take 75 minutes to get there.

The hotels in Montmartre are much better priced than those in Paris' city center. You could just stay there for the night. The CDG area hotels, including those within the airport, are also priced better than in many gateway airports. It's an option.

Go to Google Maps for Montmartre and click on the "Hotels" at the top. I use it often scouting out hotels where i'm traveling.

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I agree with David's suggestion to consider hotels at the airport
Then you can easily take public transport from there to Montmartre for your evening out, and you will already be at the airport for your morning flight. The rush hours in Paris can be brutal, so it's best to be near the airport and not worry about missing your flight.

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What time is your departure flight and what day of the week?

I usually leave my Left bank hotel at 6 for a 10A flight. Last Fall I was at the airport by 6:20, having worried about the traffic and left at 545.

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My flight is at 10:39am on a Sunday In July.
Sounds like staying closer to the airport is a better bet.
Anyone know what airport security and such is like in current times? Should we bet there 2 hours ahead? Do we need more time?

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Your airline will tell you but usually for an international flight it’s 3 hours ahead. Some people have needed every minute of the 3 hours, others have hit a seam and sailed through Exit Immigration where you get stamped out of the Schengen Zone, then have hit a not busy time at Security.

I’d stay in Paris that last night and get a cab for 6:30. That should be a gracious plenty as roads are typically not busy early Sunday AM.

I am pretty risk averse when it comes to a departure flight.

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We arrived at CDG @6;30 for a 10:00 flight on Thursday. The check-in line was non-existant. Not so with security and immigration
but not bad probably 20 minutes my sense is that the lines would get longer. You will probably be leaving from Terminal 2E M gates. If so there are very comfortable benches and at the far end some beach style loungers...umbelievable but true!. I was very comfortable stretched out waiting. Brad

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You're lucky in that Montmartre is on the northern edge of the city -- the way you need to be heading to go to CDG anyway.

Just stay in Montmartre and get a taxi in the morning. Allow three hours at the airport (so leave your hotel about 3.5 hours before your flight).

Paris has fixed-rate taxis to/from the airports; from where you are staying it will cost 53€ plus a 7-euro reservation fee. You can download the G7 taxi app to reserve ahead, or Google their website and call their English-speaking phone number.