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Hotel Beaubourg, Paris, France

I WOULD NOT SUGGEST STAYING HERE; My husband and I have stayed at the Beaubourg many times over the last 15 years, (generally, every year or so), and our daughter (now 7) has stayed with us in classic rooms at the Beaubourg numerous times over the past 7 years.I booked 2 classic rooms at the Beaubourg (as I have many times) in order that my aupair and daughter stay in one room and my son stay with my husband and I in the second classic room; over the years, I did this with my daughter many times and never had even an eyebrow raised with the thought of my daughter staying with us – therefore, I did not anticipate any issue when I made my reservation foe the 2 rooms. Upon arrival at the hotel, the front desk clerk, Christina, looked rather concerned with my reservation, I had no idea why. She said there was an issue with the rooms – that we were not allowed to have my son with us in the classic room (again, he is 4 years old). I said I didn’t understand why as I had done so many times over the years, but how do we resolve this issue. She said the owner would need to speak with me.The owner (the son of the original owners, who has now taken over) proceeded to approach me. His stance was immediately menacing; he stood 10 inches away from my face and was very aggressive. He said that the hotel was now his and he could do what he wanted and he made the rules - that it was now no longer possible to have 3 people in a room- even with children. When I attempted to ask a question, his curt retort, was “I am speaking and you will listen”- so, I listened. When he finished his rude speech about room configurations, I calmly, and quietly (as he was clearly agitated and being aggressive toward me) asked if I could now speak; I asked what fees/changes would be required to resolve the situation; he responded with the corresponding charges; I said that change of room and charges would be acceptable.I did also say, that although I live in Italy and am rather accustomed to more emotive discussions, please, could he refrain from continuing to be aggressive with me as it upset me – I didn’t yell, I wasn’t nasty, I simply asked that he not be hostile with me. He then became overtly hostile – and, in front of my children (ages 4-7) as well as Christina and my aupair. He told me that this was his hotel and he could do whatever he wanted and continued to rave about how he now owned the hotel and that I should not be telling him that he shouldn’t be aggressive and that I shouldn’t be rude to him; at one point, I said stop, enough, as he was quite scary. He then told me that I can leave the hotel and find another hotel; I said that would be fine if he wanted me to leave, if he could tell me where I could go-I’d go-he told me that that was not his job-it was my job.Then he picked up my bag and said that he was going to throw my bags on the street and I should get out. At this point, Christina, begged him to stop–he yelled at her that she should be quiet and stay out of this. I was then physically frightened for my children, au pair and I.I asked Christina to help me call the police.The owner said that the police would not be called from his phone.I picked up my mobile and started to look for the number-he said it wouldn’t do any good; this was “his house” and that the police would simply kick me out.By this time I was physically shaking-I asked him why he was doing this and especially in front of my children.Finally, there was a moment of rationality; he asked me if I was going to stay.I told him that I didn’t have a choice as it was Friday and I needed a room for my children.I asked him his name and he said he wasn’t required to tell me.I then had to leave my bags and return when the rooms were ready.This is how my weekend in Paris started. After 15 years of staying at the Beaubourg, this was my last stay; my children now remember the Beabourg as the place where the man tried to throw our bags on the street and screamed at mummy.

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Thanks for your detailed report, Liz. I have forwarded it to our book editors and co-author. The whole altercation sounds quite upsetting and unnecessary. I hope that the rest of Paris can make up for it.

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Thank you for sharing this Liz. How horrible for you. I hope this hotel is deleted from the RS guide.

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FYI - here is the feedback from the owner as posted on trip advisor.

A note, I agreed to pay for the room changes, at the very start of the discussion and only when I asked him not to be aggressive toward my children and I did the conflict begin. Again the hotel clerk, Christine, say the entire exchange and can confirm my version of events. As you can see from his response, he is not keen to assuage the situation and rather is continuing to assert himself in a negative manner.

Dear Guest

Thank you very much for your comment.

I totally remember you , & you lies totally , it s impossible that you come in our hotel before in a classic room with your child, cause our classic room are only for 2 peoples.
So let s explain the true to all the people who read your comment :

You book a classic room for you & arrive at the hotel really agressive with 2 of your children , at the desk we explain you that our classic room are only for 2 peoples & that if you want to had your kids in your room you will need to have an extrabed for 25E more & take a superior room for 10E more , you make a scandal at the desk front of your childrens & front of some guests cause you was not happy about that , all of this is written on our website & in a 3 starts hotel , bed are for 2 peoples not 4 peoples , question of security, the rules are the same since the beginning in the hotel.

You oblige me to take your luggage to put you out of the hotel cause your scandal was too much agressive front of the desk , guests & your children.
After this you was agree to pay the price that you need to pay for this extrabed & superior room.

The only problem is that you try to save money by booking a classic room for 4 peoples & you was thinking that nobody will see it at the desk , so please don t lie on tripadvisor , cause you wanted to save money , we explain you many time for security reason classic room are for 2 peoples


After thinking i agree to keep you in the hotel after you agree to pay the extra

As you can see all the comments we have on all the internet are totally different that what you say & positive, we never get a guest try to steal the hotel & put the child on the middle of the discution by saving money , i have childs & i never make my child in this situation , i hope for your next hotel stay you will never do this , cause you will get the same problem all the time.

We hope to see you in our hotel for your next time in Paris

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that's one more for me to cross off the list...

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Thank heavens I always rent apartments and won't have to deal with this tyrant! I hope the rest of your trip went well.

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It's clear from his response he is very unprofessional and a total jerk. So sorry you had this very unpleasant experience. Keep warning people... He deserves no business.