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hostels in Paris??

There is no current info about hostels in Paris on the RS site. Has anyone used a hostel in the past year? Interested in knowing if you had a good experience.

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Deb.. if looking for feedback on hostels you would do better on several other sites.. have you read reviews on hostelworld.. and I would also look on the Lonely planets forum Thorntree.. and on tripadvisor..

I know people who have stayed at the St Christopher Inn ( its a hostel.. theres two, this one was by the Canal St Martin) and MIJE hostels in Paris and in both cases were happy .

While there are a few here who hostel.. most don't.. so you need to look beyond RS to get more opinions .

Also.. note, if there are two of you sometimes a cheap hotel may work out about the same.. hostels in PAris aren't cheap.. and those that are super cheap can be super nasty.

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Thanks so much! I will be traveling solo for a few nights before meeting up with a RS tour. I thought it might be fun to stay in a different area. I saw the st Christopher one online and it looked nice. Thanks for the reply!

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I stayed at two different hostels during my trip in September. I'm not sure what kind of atmosphere you're looking for but the two I stayed at were very different. The first one was MIJE in the Marais and I loved it! The location was amazing, it was well kept up, breakfast was included and was good. It was not a party hostel by any means. It was quiet and had a very low key vibe. The only thing I did not like was that the lockers were downstairs near the lobby as opposed to in the dorm room like most hostels. The second hostel I stayed in was Generator which is near the Gare du Nord. I wasn't super thrilled with the neighborhood but it was close to the metro so it was easy to get around. This hostel is bigger and has a rooftop bar and a club and an atmosphere completely opposite of that found in the first hostel I mentioned. It was well kept up with an ok breakfast that could be purchased separately. The rooftop bar had a great view of the city, there was also a nice lounge with food options. If you're looking to meet some young people to hang with this might be a good choice. Although I did meet some great people at MIJE too. I hope this info helps you! Let me know if you have any other questions about either of these places.