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Grand Hotel Leveque reviews in Rue Cler neighborhood in Paris

I am currently working on making reservations for 5 nights in the Rue Cler neighborhood for next May (3-8, 2016). I have found that the Grand Hotel Leveque is very reasonable but when I try to get reviews from this forum most are very old. Has anyone stayed here within the last year or so? I know exactly where it is located and know it will be great for us. I have read reviews on trip advisor with good and bad ones. Just thought I would try to get RS forum people opinions. Thanks for any information.

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ARe you wanting to stay there because of "Rue Cler".. its not the most central area.. its over touted by RS fans.. but just to let you know.. RS tours to Paris often stay in other areas.. I know tour did. ,my friends tour did .. many do.. Rue Cler is a quiet area and you have to take metro or buses to most other sites other then

I like the reviews on tripadvisor.. simply put.. there are hundreds of them.. and also.. google for reviews and read the ones on

The hotel is probably fine.. the area is however absolutely no more "authentic" then all the other neighborhoods in Paris.. in fact.. Rue Cler markets cater to those who can spend a bit more.. tourists, some locals with money, and of course expats.

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If you put Grand Hotel Leveque into the Search box above, then hit enter, you will see something like 130 matches. Click Travel Forum to limit yourself to this happy lot. Then look down a bit and click Filter and then 6 months. You will see only your question and one other. Click 1 Year and now you will see several in the past year. One good, one OK, most very bad.

You posted your question in the France Reviews section of the Forum. That is for people actually posting reviews, not generally for questions.

All the threads that the search finds are in France, and your question is the only thread in France Reviews in the last year.

Happy reading....

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The Leveque is just fine. I stayed there in May this year. My single room was ensuite; the breakfast was good and substantial; the desk personnel couldn't have been nicer. P.S. The 'singing maid' is still there. I love the rue Cler neighborhood. I can relax there and feel at home, because I've spent so much time there. The bakery down the street on the corner is fabulous.

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It's a nice hotel and we had reservations there a few years ago. Their updating was behind schedule so they arranged to send us to Londres Eiffel where we got a room with a view of the ET. It was worth every penny to watch the twinkling lights every night from our room. Long after the cost of the room is forgotten, you will always remember the lights on the Eiffel Tower twinkling for 10 minutes on the hour until 0100 every night.

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I thought Rue Cler was within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower? Sounds plenty central to me! I think Rick likes it for the lack of cars and the quiet peaceful nights, which are good for sleeping. Most of his clientele are older and aren't young partiers, thus Rue Cler is recommended. Younger folks would be happier in other more lively neighborhoods, which might be a bit noisier at night. Me I find a good sleep is paramount for being able to be out and about for 8 hours on my feet in the city each day. I can party late in to the night but pay for it the next day, which when you're paying thousands of dollars for a trip, doesn't really make much sense!!

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"I thought Rue Cler was within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower? Sounds plenty central to me!"

Sounds central, until you actually go to Paris. It's sort of on the edge of the center, and not particularly a close walk to most other attractions.

Personally, while there's certainly nothing wrong with the Rue Cler area, I prefer the area around the Odeon. There's lots of tourists there too, but it's a close walk (or short metro ride) to many attractions.

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I stayed in the Rue Cler neighborhood last summer due to its proximity to the Eiffel Tower. It is an easy walk to the Tower and several other key sites. We walked just about everywhere we went or rode a bike. I think you should focus in on which sites are the most important to you, It is also easy to catch bus or Metro.

I stayed in the Hotel Relais Bosquet which was a good hotel which we thoroughly enjoyed. They give you free breakfast with your room if you "like" them on facebook. We walked past the Grand Hotel Leveque several times and it seemed quite nice (at least from the outside).

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My extended family has been staying there for years, I think I first did in '97 and have probably stayed there three or four times since. My mom and sister were there a year ago.

The last two times I was in Paris, my wife and I stayed in the Marais (which is more lively). We are making our first trip with our two young daughters in a few weeks and I reserved at GHL there as soon as I booked the flight, on kid friendly street with good proximity to parks. I am really looking forward to going back.

The good:
- maybe the best street in Paris
- great food shops and restaurants
- close to Eiffel tower
- crazy elevator, quirky old French hotel
- reasonably priced

The bad:
- not on a great Metro line, feels like you always have a long transfer to get where you want
- not walking distance to other main sites
- lots of Americans

I've stayed elsewhere in Paris and you could do a lot worse (a lot), GHL is very hard to beat at the price.

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I just had a three night stay at the Grand Hotel Leveque (earlier this month) and I was pleasantly surprised. I had a single room, which contained two twin beds; the bathroom was newly renovated and was superb and the room was very clean. The continental breakfast was adequate and varied. Only down side was the room was an interior room, which faced an inner courtyard. You had to be careful not to be overlooked if you opened your window or turned on the light. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone.