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Globe and Cecil in Lyon — rethink putting it in next guidebooks

We had stayed at Globe and Cecil in Lyon before based on its listing in the France guidebooks. It’s location is great and the staff is attentive. We were not as excited by it this trip because of some limitations. The bed was still good, but the room has no AC and we hit a early hot spell in the city. Our room faced west and was an oven in the afternoon to boot. Only 1 set of windows would open and you could NOT sleep at night with the window open because of the huge set of spotlights lights that illuminate the building facade. These come on automatically, make an annoying humming sound and don’t go off until after midnight. So we were forced to close both sets of windows to cover them with blackout shades. Also, the bathtub shower combo is fairly dangerous for older folks. We are in our 70s now. The tub is very slick and there are no good handholds — and a glass particition that swings. Plus, the tub is very high off the ground making stepping in and out a bit tricky when it is slick and has no supports. We had to call each other into the bathroom to give a hand! We asked if they had a rubber tub mat, but they did not but I remember borrowing one previously. Next time, we will try the Mercure down the block.

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