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Galettes in Brittany: any specific restaurant recommendations?

We are planning a trip that includes several days in Brittany.

We want to eat really good savory galettes (a "galette complete" with eggs, ham, cheese). (We are not so interested in sweet crepes. )

Does anyone have a recommendation for a specific restaurant for a galette complete?

I'll take recommendations for anywhere in Brittany. We have not yet firmed up our itinerary.

Thank you!

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Two wonderful creperies in Dinan are Art’ Bilig (For dinner I had the L'Art'Bilig galette with scallops, creme fraiche and lardons together with a salad with beautiful greens, walnuts and lardons.) and Creperie Ahna (I chose the galette of the house - la Fee de Maison. The buckwheat crepe had a vinagarette dressed salad in the center with andouille to one side and caramelized apples to the other, topped by a slice of goat cheese.) The variety of galettes at both restaurants is extensive. And of course cidre... Bon appétit!

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Galettes are everywhere. If you steer clear of the obviously touristy places, you should be very pleased. And even the touristy places are probably fine a lot of the time.

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If you might be in Paris for part of your trip, is our favorite. They are on Facebook and their website in in French but easy to decipher. Good luck.

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George's favourite from the link is also available in English - just tap the EN in the EN FR on the first page and -poof- all in pretty decent English.

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We were there summer of 2017. Bretagne is a huge area. So, specific recommendations seem useless. We had galettes in several places. They are a simple food, and are not complicated to prepare. Thus, the quality of the ingredients is more important than the galette itself. Look for restaurants with lots of customers, not in the tourist part of town. Older restaurants are more likely to have survived the competition and serve better food.

Bon appetit!! We loved Bretagne!!