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France Airbnb locations

I’ve narrowed down where to stay while in Paris. Our priorities are safety, convenience to the Metro, and a quieter more neighborhood feel with local shops and restaurants.

  1. Boulogne-Billancourt area a few blocks from the stadiums.
  2. 7th Arrondisement near Musee Roadin and Musee Maillol
  3. 14th Arrondisement near Montrouge
  4. $$$Arrondisement near Parc Bois de Boulogne

Thoughts and opinions?

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Do they all have the required 13 digit registration number?

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I recommend the 7th as that is closer to the Seine. I do love that location. There are many metro stations around. Coutume coffee is near, great tasting coffee with goodies too. My favourite spot is the Eiffel tower, so that is closely.

Being close to the Seine is great as the bridges are so beautiful. I always walk along the Seine during the day and as the lights come on the bridges. The city is so beautiful, seeing it from the bridges is extra special.

The 7th is not far from the President Wilson market which starts at the Iena metro stop on the other side of the river.

Enjoy Paris.

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Of these options, I would definitely pick the one in the 7th, no question.

The others are all enough further from the center, which makes a difference on a short vacation. The 14th one might be okay depending on the metro stop. But the 7th is best for location of these choices, by far.

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Assuming you want to be in Paris, of these locations, I too would pick the 7th arrondissement near Musée Rodin and Musée Maillol. I assume by the $$$ arrondissement you mean the 16th.

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I am also considering using airbnb or homeaway for our trip to France, both Paris and Provence. Could someone elaborate on the 13 digit registration? Are there problems with airbnb in France? I have used it several times in the US and had no problems at all. Thanks

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Kathy - there has been a crackdown on improperly /un registered Airbnbs. If the listing does not include a correct registration number, there is a risk that you may pay for a place to stay that will be shut down, and you will be out the money, with no place to stay.

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Thank you. Does that registration number apply to just rentals in Paris? Should I be looking for that for rentals in St. Remy as well? From what I have read it sounds like it is a city ordinance in Paris only.

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mtackitt - it is in the description of the property. Usually the last thing under: License or registration number. Then the number and then a link about the number.