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Food in france

Is the food the same allover or can i expect different food i different areas?


valrico fl

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There are some definite regional differences. In the Burgundy area think hearty dishes like Coq au Vin,Bœuf bourguignon. Coastal areas will be heavier in seafood, the Alsace region has very German influenced cuisine. In Paris you will find dishes from all over France. Bon Appetit!

That is just a few. Wiki has a pretty good breakdown here

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I have really no idea about the food in France. Going to Europe tour next month. Can you advice which is the best tourist destinations in France.

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James you will get much better answers if you post a new topic and provide a few more details.

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French regions are each very proud of their different cuisines and it will be pretty easy to spot the local specialties in each town. Rick's France guidebook will describe a few in each chapter. All regions have different cheeses and beverages, too(wines or cider). Many French restaurants will offer a "tourist menu" with a set price for a couple of the most common dishes. I don't usually choose anything called "tourist menu," but if they have a few menu (set meal) options, they might have one called "menu terroire" or "menu Burgogne," etc., which reflects that region and has a few more options in a mid-price range. Paris does not so much have it's own cuisine and restaurant options are a melting pot of the whole country (and former colonies).

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You definitely should try the regional specialties in France. Regional specialties we enjoyed:

Duck and pate in the Loire and especially Dordogne.
Cassoulet in Languedoc-Rousillion
Boeuf Bourguignon in Burgundy
Cured pork and slaw in Alsace

Usually a great choice is the menu du jour, especially for lunch. Just make sure you ask what it is first, lest you end up with a plate of sea snails, lamb's kidneys or brains. If you're near Loches, get the menu du jour at Gerbe d'Or. You can thank me later.

A few items that you'll find most everywhere in restaurants and brasseries in France:

Entrecote or Faux Filet - two different cuts of beefsteak. Don't waste your time with beef or steak outside of Burgundy; it's not bad, but virtually everything else is better.

Magret de Canard - duck tenderloins, sliced and served with a delicious sauce. My go-to meal in France.

Carre de Agneu - Lamb chops, arranged an a square (carre). Also very tasty.

Frites - fries; most useful for sopping up whatever delicious sauce is in on your plate. Otherwise skippable.

Glace - ice cream is ubiquitous.

Crème Brulee - caramel custard, toasted on top with a torch (brulee). I had several of these, and Le Tourney in Sarlat made the best one.

Chocolate Fondant - you probably know this as a chocolate lava cake; solid on the outside, liquid on the inside; warm and delicious all throughout.

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You will find regional cuisine in the provinces and everything in Paris. Every place has its own wine (or cidre), cheese, aperitif, and so forth.

A good guidebook or two will advise you. Eat local for best, i.e. crepes and cider in Brittany, jambon persilee in Burgundy, etc.