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Falaise, Normandy

We had a lovely lunch in Falaise on our trip through Normandy. For history buffs this area and town has many interesting focuses. WW 2 historians will be interested in it's location as part of the Falaise Pocket, a battle during the Allied invasion of Normandy, part of Operation Overlord. William the Conqueror historians will be interested in this area as it is where he was born, and there is an interesting 12-13th C chateau near the town. We really enjoyed this part of Normandy.

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Falaise also has a museum whose English name is "Memorial to Wartime Civilians". Unlike most of the other WW II museums in northern France, it focuses on what life was like during the war for civilians. I found it very interesting. I don't remember (I went to so many museums) whether this one had English-language explanatory signage or an English audio guide, or both, but it was workable for me (basically a non-French reader).

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Yes, the Falaise Pocket, the decisive battle in the battle for Normandy, where those partisan to the British or the Americans blame the other for its outcome operationally in the historiography of the event.