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Excellent Home Rental in Normandy, France

We spent three wonderful nights in this home rental in Arromanches-les-Bains, France in July.

This property is located directly on Gold Beach (the center-most of the 5 D-Day landing beaches, Gold beach was a British landing zone). The location was absolutely stunning. The building is an old seaside property, built in the 1850s, with amazing views out at the beach and the remains of the artificial harbor built by the allies in the days after June 6, 1944. We had many moments where we found ourselves thinking, "if these walls could talk..." This was our first visit to Normandy. We were a party of 6: our family of 4 (with two teenagers), and my husband's parents who are in their early 70s. We were there primarily to see the American sites (on this visit!), so our location on Gold Beach allowed us some exposure to some of the other areas that we might have otherwise missed. When the tide is out, you can simply walk out the front door and walk across the sand to the hulking remains of the enormous structures used to construct the Mulberry Harbor. When the tide is in, you see those same structures surrounded by water and marvel at the engineering. Arromanches also has a wonderful 360 theater showing original D-Day footage, which proved to be the perfect way for us to begin our visit. The American landing beaches and other points of interest are an easy drive. Please don't miss a stop at the church in Angoville-au-Plain, where American medics set up a makeshift hospital - there are still visible blood stains on the pews, and the story is one of the human spirit (for both sides of the conflict).

This home rental ran high on our budget, but we all agreed it was worth every penny. We almost chose something cheaper, but we were glad we splashed out for these three nights. The location amongst the D-Day sites would be worth it on its own, but the accommodation is also charming, as is the small town of Arromanches. Restaurants, museums, and a small grocery store were all within easy walking distance.

The only draw back to the property is the location of all the bedrooms and the two bathrooms - all require stairs (and the staircase is an original, narrow, winding affair). None of us had any problems accessing the bedrooms or bathrooms, but it would have been difficult if any of us had limited mobility. We frankly found the staircase charming, but that charm would have worn thin if it had been an issue. This home had more bedrooms than we needed, but I don't think I would fill each bedroom with a different couple - this might be difficult with only two bathrooms.

If this rental would work for your group, I cannot recommend it enough! We will eagerly book it again ourselves when we return to see more of the area.