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Eiffel Tower restaurants

Touristy I know - but...its our first time and our foodie friends who are NOT touristy said we need to go. ( they are British and have been to Paris many times, so their recommendation holds much weight.) So question is, has anyone eaten at 58Tower? The food looks more our style (and price) than LeJules Verne but maybe too casual?- if were paying to go all the way to Paris has anyone eaten the menu experience at Jules? and at 190e/230e should we do the 'lunch box' instead for 200e? the lunch box guarantees the best tables as well as pairs with wine. but only 3plates vs. 5 or 6. Anyone experience any of these? Thanks for your help!

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I've eaten twice at 58 Tour Eiffel - the first time with my two teenage daughters, and the second on a subsequent trip that included my husband, as we thought he should get to experience dinner at the Eiffel Tower as well. I thought about trying Jules Verne the second time but couldn't justify the cost, especially with two teenagers who can be a bit Americanized in their food tastes :) So, while I can't compare the two, I can give a few comments on 58 Tour Eiffel. Both times we were there for dinner - booked the more expensive "set menu" both times - so even that wasn't cheap - I think 175 euros per person or similar. The food was good - some of it was excellent - and it was plentiful (I believe with the set menu you get an amuse bouche, a soup, a seafood course, an entree, dessert, and then "sweets" (little macarons and candies) with your coffee). Plus a glass of champagne upon arrival and very good wine, which seemed as if it were unlimited (although I think they say they base the set price on 1/2 bottle per person - but I never saw them keeping track), plus bottled water and coffee, all included in the set price, so when you figure that in, the price doesn't seem quite that bad. However, I've eaten at a number of other restaurants, both in the US and Europe, where the food was far better, and at a lesser cost - but let's face it, you are paying a premium to say you got to eat at the Eiffel Tower :) As for atmosphere, at least at dinner I wouldn't say it was "casual" - although I don't recall a specific dress code. I was there once in March and once in June - in March both myself and DD's wore dressy sweaters/shirts, leggings and boots or flats, and in June the girls and I wore casual sun-type dresses and flats, and DH wore a button down shirt and khakis (no tie or jacket) - but there were people in everything from jeans and polos to tuxes and long evening dresses. I certainly didn't feel either over- or under-dressed either time. One thing to note is that they do squeeze you in there - lots of tables with very little room in between them. One recommendation therefore is that if you do go to 58 Tour Eiffel, splurge and pay the extra for a seat by the window, or particularly the Trocadero view. We did that both times and were glad we did, both for the view and the fact that it's a little roomier.

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I've been to 58 Tour Eiffel twice, but for lunch, which is MUCH less expensive than dinner (and you can see more of Paris during daylight!). AND you get to use a special shorter line for the elevators if you have a meal reservation, which is worth a lot. Reservations are required so don't wait until the last minute. It's been a couple of years, but the price was reasonable and the food was very good. The chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) was wonderful! Do ask to be seated facing the river and the Trocadero for the best views.