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Dressing for dinner

My husband and I will be traveling to Paris early May. What is the appropriate dress for dinner? We are from California and it is very casual. Are jeans and a sport coat OK at night for my husband or would he need slacks? What about women. We would not want to offend the restaurant owner. We will eat casual some nights, but would also like to go to a nicer restaurant like P'Tit Troquet. Not sure if my spelling is correct on this.

What do you think of the restaurant at the Eiffel Tower and dress there?

Thank you.

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P’Tit Troquet was not fancy or upscale, more of a charming looking space. However, we would not return, disappointing experience, nothing special about it. We have had much better meals at other places in that area.
As far as dress, your husband does not need a sports jacket. Probably would skip jeans though. Slacks and nice top for you.

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Well cut , well fitting dark jeans are very acceptable for men or women for dinner in most places.. IF dressed up with a nice shirt ( or blouse ) and decent leather shoes in almost any except the most formal Parisian restaurants.. you understand that to mean no farm jeans and runners.. its about looking chic but not fussy.. and .. wearing khaki golf pants and a golf type shirt may seem to some a more dressed up than jeans and shirt.. but honestly one can look much more chic in jeans , good shoes and a nice top.

A sports jacket is nice( but usually not required) for men or women paired with jeans.. as long as its not a hot day ( it should be ok in early May in evenings) .

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Ps most seem to prefer the narrower leg jean.. and its actually cool now to show a bit of sock ( they can be colorful ) ... this is with nice shoes of course.

Think " hipster metro sexual "

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For your clothing, I always pack a pair of black pants that I wear on the plane and a loose weave black cardigan, and pack a couple of pretty scarves. Also, I bring one or two washable dresses. All of these outfits can work well for either day or evening.

My husband packs black pants and both casual and nicer shirts.

Enjoy your time in beautiful Paris!