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Cross-Pollination Travel Agency-still in business?

Weds. Feb 1, 2023
Hi All, I've used the recommended travel agency, that is listed in both RS Paris and London 2022 book editions.
I reserved an online accommodation early Mon morning. Their site says it will take from 10 minutes to several hrs. to receive a confirmation email.
I've received nothing and it's 3 days later. I've emailed twice over the past couple of days. One of their emails listed as a contact,
[email protected] was kicked back as unable to deliver. I'm assuming the second email, [email protected] is good as it has not been kicked back.
Yesterday I found a phone number on their Facebook page which FYI does not have any post after 2019. Turns out the phone number is disconnected.
I'm at a lost as to how to get hold of them. I hate to book somewhere else and then find out at a very late date that I do have a reservation with Cross Pollinate.
Anyone out have very recent info or contact info for them?
Thanks, Sheila

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I don’t believe they are in business anymore.

No clue why. Covid?

Owners/operators age out?

Contact the Rick Steves office by phone or email to see if they know. Hopefully the Forum Webmaster might offer intel as well.

Alas the Moment a travel book is published its out of date.

Hope you find an answer.

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Gmail has stringent spam filtering. Unless your mail server has the correct settings, Gmail will bounce back your email. Read the info in the returned one for more info.

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Those two email addresses are on their website.

Did you make the reservation on their website? Did you check your email spam folder for a response or confirmation? I have had responses from Italian hotels end up there.

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Hi Lola, yes I saw the contact info on their website also and used those same emails. Spam is clear.
I actually just received an email from them saying that the owner of the unit had not updated their calendar
and the time frame was not available.
When you reserve with them they ask for a 2nd choice, which I did fill in.
However, in the email from them this morning they asked if there was another place I would be interested in.
I answered back yes with the same 2nd choice I gave them in my original reservation request.
Now, cross fingers response time is a little faster. I understand their 8 or 9 hrs ahead of us so maybe tomorrow.... :)

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hey hey lanonaxo
i've used the site quite a bit years ago, but during pandemic till now haven't seen much and reviews are old.
steve and linda brenner started the beehive hostel years ago and then they started this cross-pollinate site.
i have a feeling they had to recoup after pandemic and hopefully are getting back and they may have new places nowdays.
try to email her: [email protected]
she calls herself the "queen bee" and hope this helps you out some. please keep us informed how you're doing with reservations.
hang loose

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Thank you so very much Princess Pupule! If I don't hear in the day or two from them after the request today for my 2nd choice
I will definitely reach out to the email you included.
Thank You!

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Still trying to communicate with these folks.

They did send a response (3) days later responding that the property was booked. They said it's common the property
owners are not good at noting when the property has been reserved.

When reserving the 1st accommodation they ask if there is a second choice. I did fill that in. However, the response email
asked again if there was another choice. I sent that again literally within one hr. of receiving their response email.

And, here we are, 6 days after I sent the 2nd email with my 2nd choice and still no answer. When pulling up their website a couple of days ago the 2nd choice was no longer listed. I'm thinking the owner doesn't want to make it available but wouldn't it make
sense that Cross-Pollinate contact me and let me know so I'm not in limbo? Crazy

If anyone has any clue how to contact them please let me know. I've tried all the other suggestions above.

Thanks All, Sheila

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when people make it hard to do business with...believe them. I'd just move on. I'm guessing here but they may have sold the inbound responses to another company.

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when people make it hard to do business with...believe them. I'd just move on.

Agreed. Use your energy elsewhere.

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I realize Rick has recommended this, but it’s time to move on. There are some other reliable agencies that have real time understanding what’s going on with their units.

What’s happening here would imply to me that their units are being leased by several different companies which would create a problem.

I have used Guest Apartment services and vacation in Paris without having a problem

vacation in Paris does tell you there are some units they will have to confirm but on their website they actually show you what’s available so you can make a decision. If they have to confirm, you would know that a slight delay, but it wouldn’t be this back-and-forth you’re currently having. I just booked with vacation in Paris for a trip next month and it was very easy. This was my 4th time using them so I feel pretty confident with them.

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Thanks Carol for the recommendation. Yes, I've moved on. Cross did finally get back on the 2nd choice
saying that it too was not available.
Perhaps they're just not back up to speed after all the Covid stuff. It seems that they do not have their
properties up to date.
I wish them all the best.