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Courtyard Paris Charles de Gaulle Central Airport

Be prepared to have your stuff lost if you stay there.

In June I stayed at the Courtyard Paris Charles de Gaulle Central Airport. On on 6/30 I left a package with the front desk and confirmed multiple times with the front desk lady that UPS will come pick up the package. After UPS told me they went to the hotel and found nothing to pick up, I called the hotel and the staff told me she gave the package to a La Poste driver. That was July 1st. Since then, for the entire next week, the only response I received was "it was either send directly from La Poste to UPS, either it will come back to us in the next days in order to UPS to pick it up", with no further action.

I've been making close to daily calls to the hotel, and only after escalating multiple times, they've finally decided to reach out to the La Post manager in the nearest distribution center for more information. Although on the phone I'm told repeatedly they are making daily calls to the La Poste manager every morning "between 10 to 12" to follow up. I see the hotel sending an email to La Poste only after my call to them. I’ve waited patiently for over a month, having to re-explain the situation multiple times when calling the hotel and even getting hung up on by a front desk agent by the name of “Émilie”.

There’s no receipt of pickup, no indication of where the package is at. At this point I don’t even know if the package was ever given to La Poste, or anyone for that matter. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express across the street a few months before that and they handled everything, including giving packages to the courier, perfectly.

As this is a new hotel, the rooms are clean and a decent size. However, if you need to stay around the airport, go there instead. It’s closer to the shuttle, and the staff is more professional.

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Hey, Kevin. You posted the exact same review on

You even besmirched poor Émilie in those places, too. Kindness is cool. Calling out by name individuals who are just trying to earn a living by dealing with the public? Not so much.

I hope you find a lot of grace and love in this world. And maybe next time... cut out the middleman... find a UPS, DHL, or post office and send the package yourself.

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I wouldn’t dream of having regular staff handle a pick up. A concierge, perhaps, but not desk staff. Even if you gave the people on duty big tips, the UPS driver could arrive after their shifts are over. Aren’t there drop offs one RER stop away at the convention center? Such a waste of time for everyone.

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Sorry that this happened to you. Years ago, in 2013 to be exact, I purchased some wine in the Bourgogne region for shipping to the US. I arranged for a wine shipping service to pick up the three cases of wine from my hotel in Paris but the earliest day they could get it was the day after I left. This was a very expensive hotel in the 16th and the concierge confirmed in writing that I had left 3 cases of wine and also emailed me to confirm, etc. Lo and behold only two cases showed up months later. The shipper said only two cases had been picked up and the concierge said and confirmed in an email that the hotel would reimburse me for the cost of the missing wine or replace them. Upon receiving the receipts for the missing bottles, they went radio silent and I never heard back from them again. I tried for over a year -- emails, certified letters, phone calls, etc. until I finally gave up. I learned the hard way not to rely on leaving anything valuable with hotel staff for shipment after I have left.

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OK, the package is gone. It was given to the La poste in error. Humans make mistakes. If this was incredibly valuable you would’ve been better to ship it yourself but you obviously felt like this was not valuable enough that you needed to have confirmation that it had been been shipped. At one point When the United States decided the way to handle terrorism was to ban any carry-ons at all, we had to ship laptops home. we would go to DHL and we would get a confirmation from DHL. we did not trust anyone at a hotel or even our client sites to do that for us. Because no one cares about your stuff as much as you do. And no one understands the risk of losing things as much as you do

However your package went to the French postage system. And it didn’t have postage because you weren’t planning to send it that way. It’s gone, they’ll never find it.

Time to mark this up to learning experience and quit calling the hotel every day. They’re hanging up on you because there’s nothing else they can do. And they know that. They know that nothing they do is making you happy, you’re just going keep calling them and they know the French postage service doesn’t care about your package.

If you did put the hotel address as the return address on the package, there’s a small outside chance it could eventually show up. But it’s probably right up there with the chances of me winning the lottery tonight (And I didn’t buy a ticket)

Think about what would happen if you took a package to the post office here without any postage and just dropped it off there, yeah that’s about what’s going to happen in Europe too.

But honestly I don’t know why were bothering respond to you because you’ll never be back.

And the review from a one post wonder will never change my mind about a hotel. Especially since you don’t say anything about the Actual stay in the hotel😀

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I hate it when this happens Kevng9! I have had successes from hotels and one not so successful..I have shipped packages personally from Le Poste and they arrived 3 months later..I am presently awaiting a package from a visit in May. I hope both yours and mine show up. I completely understand trusting your hotel..I have done it and will most likely do it again..but I also recognize that international shipping can have its downfalls. You did what you thought was! A learning experience..and keep faith that your package might just show up!!

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Hi Kevng9- I am a little confused by your complaint. If the hotel admitted they made a mistake, why don't you send them a thankyou note with a claim. I suspect they have insurance for circumstances like this. And if they deny the claim, tell them you are going to start sending copies of all correspondance to Bill (Marriott).. I had a similar experience at the Marriott in Cairo and i got a check in the mail 4-5 weeks later covering all of my monetary losses. I suspect you are a high value member of the Marriott chain which may also help close this problem .
It took me 7 months to get a refund for my airline tickets for a flight when Covid first hit, so don't give up the fight-

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Well since I doubt Kevin will ever be back at don’t think your advice about how he’s a valuable customer of Marriott is very helpful and Having read his rant several other places I don’t think that he’s a Marriott elite he’s just unhappy.