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cooking class

I am going to be staying at an apartment in the Latin Quarter and would like to take a pastry class. Has anyone ever done this and is it worth the money? Any ideas or promo codes for La Cuisine?

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I took the Le Croissant and Traditional Breakfast Pastries at La Cuisine in May and loved it! To me, the experience was fun and worth the money. There were 6-8 people in the class and it lasted about 2 hours. I left with a bag full of yummy pastries that were perfect for lunch and snacking on the rest of the day. It was hands on for the most part. The dough that you actually use to roll out and cut your pastries with is already made for you when you get there. You do go through an abbreviated process of putting together your own dough and rolling it out. I say abbreviated because it actually takes several hours to do it properly, so you mix the dough up and roll it out and fold it a couple of times. You do get a copy of the recipe and instructions. I would recommend giving it a try. I was never able to locate any promo codes, but I believe they give you discounts if you do multiple classes. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Another vote for La Cuisine! I've taken many classes there over the past few years, including the Croissant and the Fruit Tarts ones in Fall 2014. (I've taken so many classes that they recognize my name if I call the office!) I did a lot of research on cooking classes in Paris before taking any and La Cuisine has a great schedule and very reasonable prices (I tend to do the lower-cost ones). The instructors really know what they're doing and are extremely helpful. The owners are very friendly. The location is on the Right Bank, just across the Seine from the Latin Quarter and very near the Hotel de Ville (Metros: Hotel de Ville or Pont Marie). Go, you'll love it! (and tell them Hi from Holly)

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This is a slightly different experience, and I love doing cooking classes while away. But when we were in Paris last March we did a walking food tour of Saint Germaine. It was one of the best we have ever done and got us in to little places and down beautiful streets that just wouldn't have happened otherwise. We went back to several of the shops later. This tour was through Flavors of Paris with Lisa. The link is: Enjoy your trip!