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CDG 5 hour layover - lunch options?

In about 2 weeks I will have a five hour layover at CDG and would like to have a nice French lunch. Price not the most important factor to me. I’ve read I Love Paris by Guy Martin may be a good option — any experiences there? Or other suggestions?

I’m arriving on Air France from Portugal at 12:30 and departing on Air France to Florence at 6:05, and both I believe are terminal 2F.

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Well darn, Mike. I was hoping that you would get some replies because I wanted to know the answer too! I guess that the airport website might be your best bet, and then you can cross check the restaurant ratings on Trip Advisor. I was just through CDG recently and there did seem to be some upscale dining options in Terminal 2. I don't know if you have flown through there before, but I love this airport. Have fun!

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A "French" lunch could be soup and sandwich, only the bread will be really good. What worked for me a few months ago was finding my way to the ongoing departure gate first and then seeing what was available nearby. There was a sit-down sandwich shop in the same lobby and I was ready to leave when the gate opened.
If it must be fine dining, Google will show you sites with maps and indexes for the airport.

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In 2019, we ate at Fauchon, a sit down cafe on level 2 of the American Airlines terminal (2A?) and it was a very nice lunch, very French, salads, sandwiches, etc. However, googling it there are conflicting reports, some say it is closed permanently.

I have no other dining experience inside security at CDG.

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I don't have any specific recommendation, but you have lots of appealing options at 2F. I passed through the other day and regretted getting a sandwich from my departing airport!

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The Fauchon counter was open in the Delta terminal (2E or F?) when I passed through CDG last month.

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OK if you are used to US airports where there are lots of bar and restaurant options, you will find CDG 2F disappointing.

On the other hand, if you're looking to buy a Hugo Boss suit, or Swarovski jewelry, or a Rolex watch - you are in luck! I mean come on - who buys a $10,000 watch at an airport???

If you just want a good French meal or a drink at a bar - good luck!

I walked around for quite a while before eventually settling on Guy Martin's The French Taste.

I was seated quickly and ordered the duck and a glass of wine. The duck was served quickly and was OK but a small portion. With wine, the bill came to $44. I was done in about 40 minutes. There was a somewhat annoying guy at the table next to me who insisted on talking to me and wouldn't take the hint, so I left without desert or coffee.

The other options were some vegetarian counter service place that was totally mobbed, and a sandwich cafe. There was also a Starbucks.

Very disappointing.

I had a few extra hours so decided to visit the Air France lounge and buy a day pass for $50. The woman at the desk brusquely informed me they weren't selling day passes that day.

So... I ended up finding some seats in a corridor between 2D and 2F and sitting there for about 2 hours until my flight left.

VERY disappointing layover.

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I remember a caviar bar in the center of the terminal before you start hitting the $hop$.

Next time I'm in that terminal, I'll try Guy Martin.
The AF lounge used to have food of that caliber, but now the Lounge food at CDG reminds me of a supermarket hot bar.