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Carcassonne-La Basse Ville restaurants

Loved our visit to La Cîte. Wow! We did enjoy a cassoulet at a restaurant that let us in before opening time due to the pouring rain: Le Four Saint Louis.

Its our last day after an exciting tour of the region yesterday-dodging thunderstorms, completely submerged roadways and boy oh boy! I highly recommend renting a car or if you have your bikes with you and are up for a steep ride: the Gorges de Galamus. The Gorges isn’t the steep bit, getting there is. Thank heavens we had perfect sun for that drive! So worth it. I’ve been on many a mountain road around the world, and this just moved up near the top of that list!

But to the point of this post: any recs for restaurants in La Basse Ville? Keep in mind of course, it is Wednesday so L’escargot is closed-insert sad face here.

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