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Bumped off a confirmed reservation at Hotel Bastille Speria in Paris on Saturday Apr 15

I had a very bad experience at Hotel Bastille Speria, a Rick Steves Recommended Hotel in the Paris 2016 book, this Saturday Apr 15. Had a confirmed reservation after having booked directly on their website:

REF: FRAsujatab-1552531
Booked on: Apr 7, 2017. 22:11 CEST

However on reaching the hotel they said they had no such reservation and sent me to another hotel which was shady. The funny thing is that now I have received an email from them asking me for feedback regarding my stay there:

This email relates to your booking reference FRAsujatab-1552531
We would like to give you the opportunity to comment on your stay at Bastille Spéria for possible inclusion in our customer review section online. As I'm sure you will appreciate, genuine customer comments are extremely useful for potential travelers who value an independent opinion. Please note the terms and conditions below prior to proceeding.

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Busted! I'd shoot a review back to them about your nonstay and also do a "review" in TripAdvisor about your experience.

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Done with both. Submitted the Hotel review and also wrote a TripAdvisor review.

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Did you show them your confirmed reservation? What did they say?

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When they bumped you, I sure hope they did not drag you out of the lobby, break your nose and front teeth, give you a serious concussion, leave you bloody and and unable to continue your normal activities during your trip?

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Hi Christi, I did show them the printout of the reservation confirmation but they said it was not on their list and that they are full and I should go to this other hotel.

Hi Larry, no I was not hurt or dragged out (-+). Flew back to San Francisco on United Airlines though. Service was mediocre but uneventful.

Another thing I should add from a colleague's Paris experience. His wife got pick-pocketed and lost her US passport. They went to the US Embassy in Paris the next morning and there were 30 other people with the
same problem. Be very careful in Paris and carry Rick Steve's Travel Vest. Too many pick-pocket gangs there (and other popular European destinations). Grateful to Rick Steves for coming up with and suggesting this Travel Vest.

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That is good information to know. Usually we try and reconfirm most of our reservations before we leave just so we don't get bumped.


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So sorry this happened to you...

It sure sounds like they made a mistake and failed to add you to the list.

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sunilb, to what Travel Vest are you referring? You mean the money belt?

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I'm really surprised that so many people would be carrying their passports in places where pickpockets can get them. If you're going to carry it on you it should be in a money belt or a neck wallet or some such pickpocket proof place, not in a pocket or purse that's easily riffled through.

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I made sure I "liked" your review on Trip Advisor to let these establishments know people are reading. In the past, when I have been given a bad room, or treated poorly, I let the manager know that when they read my bad review online and I name them, they will know it came from me. Amazing how their attitude changes as well as the customer service I am provided. Sorry it has to come down to that to get good service, but social media makes an impact. Just look at recent the incident on United Airlines.

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Hi Stan, you are right; I should have been clearer. I meant a money belt like this one:

Hi TXtwinmama, thanks for "liking" my TripAdvisor review. You are absolutely right about Social Media
making an impact.

Hi Nancy, you are right that people should carry their passport in a Money Belt. Sometimes you need to
carry it because you need it for getting VAT discounts while shopping or the hotel does not have a
proper safe or the room is not going to be ready for a few hours and you have to step out etc.

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I clicked on "Like" too! How terribly upsetting to think you are all set and have this happen.

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Hi sun, it happens. It happened to me in San Francisco a few years ago. I had a copy of the confirming e-mail and they said, "Sorry, we're booked." You did the right thing by reviewing the hotel on Trip Advisor.