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excellent restaurants but , not mich.stars.
which are must visits?

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I'm not big on "must see" venues as what I like might not be what you enjoy. I liked the Museum of the Aquitaine which I thought handled Bordeaux's role in the slave trade pretty well and the cathedral where Alienor d'Aquitaine married her first husband who a few weeks later became Louis VII.

I liked walking along the esplanade by the river to see the Mirror d'Eau reflecting pool and made it a point to see the sculpture of Madame Testas who was an Ethiopian woman enslaved then purchased by Bordeaux traders. I'd not really realized the role Bordeaux played in the slave triangle from Africa to France to the Caribbean.

I visited the Musee des Beaux Arts which was OK but is able to be missed unless there is a special exhibition or if they have something in their collection that is of interest to you.

I found the old city area very interesting to wander in and was surprised at how tropical it felt with palm trees, banana plants and blooming hibiscus.

No restaurant recommendations as I'm vegan.

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It's Bordeaux, not bourdeaux.

Bord: edge

eaux: waters

In the case of Bordeaux, it's on the edge of the somewhat muddy Garonne River and, further west, the Atlantic Ocean

If you're looking for snootier places in France (or certain other places), the website Gault&Millau can be a useful tool.