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Birthday Trip restaurant reviews

Here's where we ate while on my birthday trip in Paris & my review -

Leon de Bruxells - Right across the street from our hotel. They specialize in seafood. We shared a fish & chips dinner, which was plenty for the both of us and very good. We also had calamari for an appetizer & it was good too. Beer & wine completed our meal. Service was good, quick seating, a little slow to get drink orders but I'd go there again.

Pizza Pino - Close to our hotel. We shared a Reine pizza which was very delicious as well as an appetizer of shrimp in a creme sauce, stuffed in an avocado. Good service & great food.

Galleries Lafayette - We had a late lunch here. My husband had what was basically bangers & mash in a little pot. I had a pork & potatoes casserole which was delicious. Also a lemon tarte which was a taste of heaven. This is cafeteria style so you pick what you want and pay for what you pick. FYI if you want butter with your roll, its ,60 each.

Cafe Louise, St Germain des Pres - Lunch here. We split a Croque Monsoir with frites, plus a beer & glass of wine. Delicious, possibly the best frites I've ever had. Good service here too.

Two days we had crepes for lunch, once near our hotel in Republique and once near Notre Dame. First one was better than the second but both filling & good.

We also had snails at Cafe le Deux Moulins, the restaurant featured in the movie Amelie. Very good once we figured out how to get those things out of their shells. LOL

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