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Best Western Premier Royal Saint Michel

I picked this Hotel in Paris because of its location . I made the reservation almost 11 months in advance(for 9 nights!). I gave them credit card information & it had a free cancellation up to 24hrs prior to stay. Imagine my shock & dismay to find that they cancelled my reservation less than 4 days to departure time! They did send an email asking for "valid credit card information" (they said my card had expired but that was not correct) & gave me extremely short notice to respond. As a nurse working long hours I did not see the first email in time & immediately tried to correct it. (turns out I gave my cc company travel dates but they still flagged it as fraud--but I had to find this out on my own). Bottom line is the staff there was rude, did not try to work it out. They said" you did not read your email, it was cancelled, we have no rooms, we cannot help you." They were unwilling to hear my side. Toward the end of the conversation, I was so frustrated & didn't think I could find another decent reservation on short notice, I started to cry (I had been up for almost 24 hrs at the point too) & the reservation clerk laughed at me! The next day the guest relations manager tried to tell me they could work it out (suddenly they have the room now??) but by then I had already booked a more expensive hotel that I can ill afford, in a not as convenient place, but I felt I had to have something...Best Western customer care also unable to help (I called them twice). Bottom line is I would not trust this Hotel staff to help you out if you needed it..stay away!!

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Hope that once you get to Paris this will all be a mere footnote to a marvelous trip!