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Best hotels in Paris?

Do you have a favorite hotel, bnb, or apartment rental you like in Paris? Places you'd go back to when you can travel again? Share your top experiences -- or perhaps a memorable moment -- and help us all dream of future trips!

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Yes, why yes! Hôtel Marais Paris Caron de Beaumarche. This charming hotel's decor was inspired by the 18th-century writer Beaumarche. Located in the La Marais. So many memorable moments, but our favorite was a Jewish Walking Tour of the area and lunch at L'As du Fallafel. Our guide made reservations to avoid the usual long line.

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We stayed at Hotel des Deux-Iles and really enjoyed the location. It's quiet with friendly and helpful front desk personnel. Very well located -- cross the river and you will be in the Marais -- cross it the other way and you'll be in The Latin Quarter. Walk to the end of the island, cross the bridge, and you'll be close to Notre Dame -- such as it is now as some of the immediate area is closed off. The Metro is near enough that getting anywhere is not a problem. Looking forward to staying there again when things are back to normal.

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Yes, definitely. The Hotel des Grands Hommes is a charming little boutique hotel across the street from the Pantheon in the 5th. The rooms are typically on the small side, but decorated like an old fashioned candy box à la 18th century. Cordial and helpful front desk staff and a plated breakfast in the cellar breakfast room each morning. The RER B Luxembourg stop is just 3 blocks away.

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It's been quite awhile, but we loved the Hotel des Grandes Ecoles in the Latin Quarter. I see a redesigned website so maybe they've changed ownership. Good location, pleasant courtyard, nice rooms. We didn't buy their breakfast but went a block to the Cafe Descartes instead.

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My favorite hotel in Paris is Le Citizen in the 10th Arr. We have stayed there twice (2015 and 2019), and look forward to staying there on our next trip to or through Paris. We have stayed in a couple of other adequate, but completely forgettable hotels in Paris. In 2010, we stayed at the Valadon (I think it has a different name now) in the Rue Cler neighborhood. I have to say the Rue Cler neighborhood was nowhere near the magical experience I was expecting from the RS guidebooks and TV show.

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Although Estimated Prophet speaks the truth about the reality of Rue Cler neighborhood these days I’ll still opt to stay at Hotel Muguet. First stayed there in the early 80’s. Been back a few times since and yes the Rue Cler area has evolved. No longer as charming as it was. Things change.

Short stroll from Ecol Militare metro stop.

Family owned and operated. Quit locale. Comfortable. Convenient to The Invallides and an easy stroll to the Effiel Tower.

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Over the years I've stayed in various parts of Paris, at small hotels and chains, paying a little or lot. I look forward to returning to the Adagio Bercy Village.

People overlook Bercy because it's modern and not central. You're on Paris' newest Métro line, the 14. Service continues during strikes because it's driverless! If you're arriving from or heading to Provence, Marseille, Nice, Switzerland or Italy, you are two Métro stops away from the Gare de Lyon. Stops are far apart and the line runs parallel to the Seine before veering north, so it's a fast way to reach Les Halles, the Louvre, and the Grands Magasins.

When you come home, so to speak, there's shopping and dining late into the night at the Cour St-Émilion. You can eat out or buy food to cook. I found myself wanting to cook every night instead of going out. Visiting an open-air market or a fine food store, anywhere in the city, becomes a different experience when you have access to cooking facilities.

My room was practical. Smaller than a studio apartment in the US, it was larger than a typical room in Paris, but didn't cost much more. Cleaning service is weekly, which I liked because I could wake up late or return for a midday nap without worrying about when the room would be made up. Because the hotel caters to long-stay clients, there's a small coin laundry in the basement.

Bercy's best feature is the park. It's set amid old wine warehouses and ruins of summer homes for wealthy Parisians. You can sit and contemplate under the tree canopy. Like other amenities in the neighborhood, the park is quiet and uncrowded. There's a pond, a sensory garden, a rose garden, and a maze.

Climb the steps and you're on the bank of the Seine. The view there consists of modern structures, but why not walk a bit? In 30 minutes you'll be at the Jardin des Plantes or the Canal Saint-Martin!

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Westin Paris Vendome! We have stayed there many is a pricier than some, but well worth it in terms of accommodations and location, location, location! Everyone there is pleasant and helpful. The views of the Tuileries, Louvre and Eiffel Tower are Magnifique!!

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We stayed at a wonderful Airbnb in Paris - very cozy for two:

16 Rue Laplace
Paris, Ile-de-France 75005, France