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Bad service at Chez Marianne in the Marais

While doing the walking Marais tour the first week of September we stopped for lunch at the recommended Chez Marianne. We sat inside and asked if we could share their large sampler plate but were told no. Reluctantly we ordered two of the slightly smaller but still pricey sampler plates. Minutes later a young American couple (under 30) sat immediately next to us and when served got the sampler plate plus extra plates to share it. When my wife asked why we weren't allowed to do the same thing the young waitress told her a lame excuse then joked to the two other staff nearby in French and they all chuckled at my wife. When I expressed to the waitress in French that that was impolite and was poor service to laugh at my wife, the place got pretty quiet. The waitress stated it was a mistake that the others got what we requested, yet she was the same one that waited on them. There was no apology and certainly no adjustment on our bill. We are older and all the staff were under 30, that's about the only reason I can think that they treated us differently. Anyway, it was more food then we could eat and we had an expensive lunch and were abused. I have experienced many indifferent waiters or waitress and a few bossy ones, but have never been ridiculed before. Avoid this tourist trap.

We did have a great time at a couple of other Marais cafes and liked the Auberge de La Reine Blanche on Ile St Louis quite a bit, good food and nice personnel.

PS. the Picasso Museum was/is scheduled to open October 25, found out after walking all the way there...We also enjoyed walking along Rue Rivoli towards the BHV store looking at all the small shops where my wife got some reasonably priced shoes.

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Sorry this happened to you.

Thanks for information about the Picasso Museum. I'm hoping to go there next June when I'm in Paris.

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I never heard of such a terrible situation. Rude, unprofessional and stupid on the part of the wait staff. I went there several years ago and hoped to go back as the food was very good. Now I will rethink that when there are plenty of excellent restaurants to eat in, in Paris. Sad to hear this happened to you! I hope the food was at least good. Glad you did have a great time at other places in Paris.

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Yelp has many low reviews of this restaurant, mainly for service or staff rudness.

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Trip Advisor also has many low reviews for Chez Marianne, mostly service and attitude, some poor reviews of the food. I went to La's in the Marais. Similar menu, really delicious. Service was friendly, place packed.

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I've been reluctant to go to Chez Marianne when I visit Paris. Now I'll be sure to avoid it - thanks!
I'm a big fan of Chez Janou, with Provencale cuisine and a huge range of pastis aperatifs. The staff are friendly and accommodating too. Once when we went without a reservation, they said to return in half an hour, we had a nice stroll down a couple of short blocks in the Place des Vosges park, and had a great meal when we returned. I also enjoyed Auberge de la Reine Blanche (the Ile St. Louis is my very favorite place to wander!)