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Auberge de la Cascade :Little Paradise at the bottom of the Gorges du Tarn

Auberge de la Cascade, St Chély du Tarn, Gorges du Tarn:
Mme Rose Dufour and her staff make you feel at home in this charming little hotel near cascading waters, surrounded by magnificent cliff faces along the River Tarn. Our 5 nights at half-pension were an Excellent value. We had gorgeous views from our room in the annex- comfortable spacious & equipped with modern facilities. Chef prepared some of the best meals we’ve had in France; we enjoyed the splendid views of the gorges at breakfast and at dinner.
St Chely du Tarn is a peaceful base to return to after long days of touring.
Location Great: just a few km from Ste Enimie, labeled “one of most beautiful villages of France” with easy access to both sides of the gorges du Tarn, La Malène, Gorges de la Jonte, Montpellier-Le-Vieux, Aven Armand, Peyrelade, Myrueis, Point Sublime, Roc Hourtous, Le Rozier and more.
Looking forward to returning
English & Spanish spoken

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Ba ha ha..

" English and Spanish spoken".. sounds exactly like something one reads in an AD.... I do not believe this to be a genuine review.

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I am surprised at the impression my review has given. I assure all readers that my review was very personal. My husband and I spent 4 nights at this wonderful auberge.

When I first began writing reviews my "flowery descriptions" sent my reviews over the word limits required so I wanted to be as short & helpful as possible & opted to use English in the passive tense.

Mme Rose, originally from Spain, has lived with her French husband and raised their children, now grown, in St Chely. Her son is the chef and and excellent one indeed. One of the waiters, Serge, is also from Spain. Both he and Mme Rose speak English.
I wanted to throw that fact in so that English speakers would not shy away from making a reservation.
sorry about the impression

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Oh my gosh, Pat, if you'd only bothered to click on Linda's name you could see that she's posted at least ten other reviews. Whatever possessed you to attack her like that? Just because she tagged on "English and Spanish spoken" to the end of her review?

Linda -- don't let Pat's rudeness and disrespect dissuade you from writing more reviews. I really appreciated this one as we're heading down that way in October and I've been trying to come up with the name of this place. I was so happy to come across your review. Some other friends have told me about this place for years.

You review was particularly helpful as it verified what I'd heard about the quality of the meals, and the comfort level. I'll look for their website now...and hopefully they'll still be open in October. Thanks you so much for sharing your experience.