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Apartment near near Rue Cler.

We are doing some early planning for 2016. My wife and I are looking at spending 2 weeks in Pairs (not our first visit) and would like to do some more of our own cooking, hence near Rue Cler. But if you know of another good market area we aren't tied to the 7th. Also, a view would be such a nice bonus. I know apartments come and go, but if you've had a good experience or can recommend a good a broker who was a pleasure to work with we'd like to hear from you.

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Hi. I often stay near rue Cler and rented a 2 bedroom apartment in the 15th, very near the Eiffel tower last November. The apartment was alright but not perfect so I cannot recommend an apartment. It was a great place to stay, we were able to walk to the Motte-Piquet Metro where there was a big Monoprix and also could access the Ecole Militaire metro. Near the Motte-Piquet Metro there is a huge market that is very work-a day for regular people twice a week; I cannot recall the days it was on. It is called the Grenelle Motte-Piquet marche and it sets up right under the elevated Metro tracks, so it is easy to find. It is HUGE.

I did stay at the edge of the 5th in a 2 bedroom last November (I stayed in 2 different apartments, splitting up the trip). It was on rue Claude Bernard, right by a bus stop (at the front door), 5 minutes walk to the bottom of rue Mouffetard, a main market similar to but slightly different than rue Cler. The Marche Monge is about 10 minutes walk from that apartment; it runs twice a week with exceptional produce and scarves and the like. I found the apartment on VRBO; after my initial inquiry, I worked with the apartment name is Le Lutece; the apartment was larger than the photos showed. Each bedroom was large, one had a double bed (could have been a queen?) and the other had 2 singles that were separated by a bookcase so there was some additional privacy. The living area with a dining table was quite large. I would stay there again. about 7 minutes walk to the metro Censier-Daubenton. Please pardon my spelling errors! The airport pickup taxi service they suggested was perfect; 55 Euros worked for me.

Enjoy your trip. Paris is my favorite spot in Europe. I return as often as I can.

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We have stayed in an apartment in the Rue Cler area twice and have enjoyed it very much. The apartment is #56 through They are very easy to work with and the thing we really liked is they send you the keys to the apartment before you leave home so you don't have to meet anyone when you arrive. It was a pleasure to work with them. However, there is no view from this apartment. We will definitely try to stay at this apartment again our next trip to Paris.

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That market under the tracks is open Sundays at least. There are some specialty food items probably found only in France. Ready-to- eat deli items are sold there. Think picnic. The Monoprix there was not open Sunday. That is also a great place to buy groceries or picnic shop. I like the 15th. It's lively but doesn't seem as touristy as rue Cler.

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I've been to Paris many times and am going again for the month of July. I've rented from many agencies and my favorite now is VRBO. They have a vast selection in all districts of Paris and the prices are more reasonable than from the large commercial agencies. This year's rental is in the 11th not far from Place Bastille and the famous Bastille market on Thursdays and Sundays. This market is excellent and if you can't find what you want there, you won't find it anywhere else. I much prefer it to the rue Cler market.
There are other markets not far away such as Popincourt (Tuesdays and Fridays) and the Marche des Enfants Rouges (Tuesdays through Sundays) which as Michelin would say, "Is worth a detour."
A couple of times we stayed in "posh" districts (1st and 8th), but found them wanting because of the lack of nearby shops and congenial cafes. Now we try to stay in less fancy neighborhoods where the amenities of life are closer. I check out the neighborhood with Google Streetview to see what is actually there.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I guess I wasn't aware of all of the other markets around Paris. We had been thinking of the Bastille but were unaware of any markets so kind of dropped that idea. My last trip I stayed out of town in Versailles (doing business south of there) the train drops you off right at Eiffel's tower. As nice as the ride was I wanted to be in town this trip.

Looking at the map, the 11th looks like a nice place. I found a lovely meat market on the east end of Île St Louis and that would be just a short walk ... hum

Are there other markets that haven't been mentioned?

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Reviving this old thread--as I am currently looking for an apt to stay near Rue Cler so open to suggestions. One concern I have is that my flight to go on leaves later in the day. If I was at a hotel, I would have them store the luggage until the afternoon. Would it be rude to ask in an apt rental about vacating the apt except for the luggage (and returning keys) until 1pm or so? I hate to have to give up on the good parts of renting an apt and stay at a hotel just so I can use 'left luggage'.

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Cindy, I'd use caution here-the last thing you want is for the next renter of the apartment to show up with your luggage still in the apartment. I think some/all of the major train stations have luggage lockers, you might look into that.