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Amenities at Hotel de Lutece?

Does anyone know if shampoo, conditioner and soap are provided at Hotel de Lutece?

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I don't know for sure, as I've never staid there, but it is a highly rated hotel and looks wonderful. I've never staid in a hotel in Europe with an en-suite bathroom that didn't have shampoo and conditioner and soap. Even bathroom-down-the-hall places have it in the room. You can always email them.

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well, a lot of places don't have conditioner -- and more than I'd like do that combo soap/shampoo thing. Why don't you drop them a line to ask?

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We stayed at Hotel des Deux-Iles a couple of years ago which is just down the street and owned by the same people. All of the items mentioned were furnished and I would assume that to still be the case and to be the case at Hotel de Lutece.

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FYI: European hotels normally include conditioner with their amentities. I have only seemit in large xhain hotel brands there.

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The easiest way to know answers to these types of questions is to ask the hotel.