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Airfare from Seattle to Paris

Currently, I am planning a multi-city trip this summer for my family (wife & 16yo) and need to figure out airfare: Seattle to Paris, Paris to Venice, and Rome to Seattle.

My plan is to purchase a multi-city tickets from the Seattle to Paris and Rome to Seattle portions through the major airlines (Delta, Air France, United). The best prices I am seeing today is about $1,600 each. For the Paris to Venice portion I plan on purchasing tickets through a discount airline - Easyjet.

Also, looking for recommendations to apartments/hotels and neighborhoods to stay in. I have had good luck with VRBO in the US and am leaning towards an apartment. It appears the hotels would be tight for the 3 of us.

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Be careful with budget airlines like easyJet. There are potential hidden fees (e.g. baggage, change fees) that can make the fare look artificially cheap. They can also be very strict about weighing bags and following their stated procedures to the letter.
(Whereas the "major" airlines may be more lenient.) Not saying you should not fly easyJet, only that you should be aware of all of the other fees that might apply:

I'd put a fare alert at Google Flights on for your multi-city flight from Seattle to Paris + Rome to Seattle, so you'll get an email if there's a price drop.

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If you don't mind driving to Vancouver BC you can get cheaper tickets on Air Transat. Around $600 RT per person. I flew Vancouver to Paris in September and did a roundtrip ticket because they don't fly out of Rome. I flew Vueling from Rome to Paris at about $100. My Paris flights were direct, but I am only seeing AirTransat flights with stopovers in Montreal now. I have also flown from Rome to Paris on Alitalia. I liked that airline.

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You can fly Aer Lingus from Seattle to Dublin connecting to Paris. And from Rome to Dublin connecting to Seattle for around $1100 the middle of June, for example. You were not specific on your dates. Tuesdays and Thursdays appear to be the cheapest days going over.

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hi athughes
happy to hear the family trip to europe, you'll have a great time. like kath says check out flying from vancouver canada. you can look at flights to orly. don't know your dates in the summer which is high season and more expensive. i would check,, googleflights for alerts. there may be sales for flights to europe, just keep looking everyday. when you see a price, times of arrivals and departures, too early to check in can you leave luggage or be lugging it around till place is available, how many stops and how long are layovers.
do you do it that way or the opposite way, fly to a different city first like david says, lots of options.
make sure if you use vrbo or airbnb rentals in paris there is a 13 digit number that apartment is legal. you don't want to get there and find no place to stay. look at and place filters, apartments, check what floor (if higher floor, climb stairs with luggage or a lift), A/C, euro budget, washer, terrace where to stay. check, if you know the exact dates what city you want to be in and can book with free cancellation book it. no matter where you go it will be busy and crowded. just go with the flow and make sure you have down time to relax, sit at cafe, have a glass of vino, people watch. you don't need to follow hour by hour with plans, expect the unexpected. do book the attractions you really want to see early. any questions come, back the posters here will tell you good bad and ugly.

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We have used airlines like Easyjet and Vueling several times ( already have an Easyjet flight booked for next May ) , even with added fees they are still cheap flights if you book well in advance .

As someone pointed out of getting to Vancouver is doable Airtransat has some very cheap flights , and if your budget allows book their Club Class - cheap for better foods / seats/ luggage allowance etc .

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it sounds like you're wondering if the price is good. i suggest you use an app called Hopper. it aggregates historical flight prices and tells you when is the best time to buy (i.e. when the prices will be lowest) for your destination & dates. you can set up alerts too.

i would also suggest using google flights to search routes & pricing. but the key to using any search engine is to continually clear your cookies (online & on your phone if you're searching that way) before each search.

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We flew Icelandair 2 years ago from Seattle to Paris during Easter break. Transfer in Reijavik. We paid around low $900 each.
That was the economy class that came with baggage allowance and assigned seat. no need to pay extra for those. We purchased food on the plane.
Overall, we like Icelandair.

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We have flown from Seattle to Europe for 15 of the last 17 years. Many of those flights involved a flight to a European hub and then an onward flight to our final destination. This last year we flew SEA - PAR - Rome - Sicily - Rome - PAR - SEA. We booked, as we usually do, all of the flights on whatever airline we are flying out of SEA on, Delta this last year. We prefer to book thru the main airline to reduce/eliminate any problems on our flying so that if there is a "hick-up", the main airline has always taken care of it. This last year Delta contacted us to let us know that the flight from Rome to Sicily on Atalia Air was being changed, something that we may or may not have known if booking separately on a different airline. The total cost of all of those flights was not much more than what we would have paid by booking separate flights on different airlines. We feel that this added cost is worth it for us to have less worries about potential problems.

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Summer travel is always pricey, hopefully your quote is non stop. For decades i would buy SFO to europe for summer travel no later than February after tracking airfares from Nov to Feb. . On major US airlines.
Now there are themairfare alerts as noted by others. Use it Nd plan to purchase in Feb.
and do not look back. Thenairfare game is not fun but summer travel fares hurt the wallet for sure.

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Are you traveling from Paris to Venice on the same day you arrive in Paris? If so, be sure to allow plenty of time to connect to a separate flight to Venice.

We are going to Italy in April, flying into Venice and home from Milan. I had trouble finding flights from the US to Venice, so I used miles to purchase a Boston-Paris round trip ticket on Delta. We are then flying on separate Air France tickets from Paris to Venice and Milan to Paris. There will be a five hour layover in Paris before the flight to Venice. On the way home, we are staying overnight at at Paris airport hotel before flying home. Another option is to fly to Milan instead of Venice.

Aer Lingus is a good option for a SEA-CDG/FCO-SEA itinerary. It is nice to be able to go through US customs and immigration in Dublin on the way home.

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For you Paris to Venice flight (or any other flight within Europe), look at Skyscanner to learn all the options. Then go to each airline's website and do a dummy booking (just up to the point where you put in your credit card) to learn about all the fees. That's the only way to find the best deal. As said above, sometimes the "legacy" carriers (like Air France) can be the same price as a discount airline, when you include everything. Or, they can use an airport you prefer. Note that flights from "Paris" may be from Orly, CDG, or Beauvais, and flights to "Venice" may be to Venice Marco Polo or to Treviso. Remember to include the time and money it will take to get to and from the airports in your final calculations (if you save €30 on a flight, but it requires an extra hour to get to the airport and costs an extra €50 in transportation, that's not a good deal).

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I agree Aer Lingus Seattle to Paris, Rome to Seattle!! $850-1000 depending on the days you're travelling. Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Thursday's seemed to be the cheaper flights. I'd be getting your flights very soon. Fly to Europe most every June usually buy tickets by September or make use of air miles.

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Take a look at Condor. You will fly non-stop to Frankfurt then transfer to Paris as part of the ticket. Be sure to buy your return as part of a multi-city ticket, so SEA-CDG + FCO-SEA. Do not buy two one-way tickets as you will pay more. The transfer in Europe, i.,e, FCO to FRA to SEA is a small price to pay for the savings and the non-stop over water.

As to apartments, yes, they can be a good idea. Our criteria are only get apartments for stays of 4 or more nights. Otherwise they are inconvenient with the need to shop, get oriented, etc. In any case, make sure your lodging is central. Sometimes apartments are a bit remote and too hard to return to midday if you need to.

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Thank you everybody for the feedback|!! The dance of with airlines (seat fees, baggage fees) is not fun. We went with Aer Lingus and looking forward to our trip.