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Accommodations in Montmartre or in Areas around 18 Arrondissement?

My husband and I will be meeting friends in Paris during the last week of September.

Two of the days we will be attending events in the Montmartre neighborhood near
Sacre-Coeur. We are thinking we should stay near or around there.

We are open for a hotel (with breakfast) or a vacation rental.

What and where would you suggest for accommodations?

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If you can help it don't stay around there near Sacre-Coeur it is mobbed with tourists you can not walk down the street

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We stayed at the B Montmartre in 2016 on the RS Heart of France tour. It was very nice, great breakfast, super staff and close to a Metro Station. Lots of restaurants in the neighborhood. Located in the 17th Arrondissement.

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We had good luck a few years back at the Holiday Inn- Montmarte of all places. It's on a side street just a little east-north-east of part of the cemetery and a block or two from assorted Metro stops. Rest of the street and the next street over are small restaurants and shops on the ground floors and apartments on the other levels. Get a room at in the back overlooking the courtyard and the only sound you really get is the neighborhood kids playing soccer. Probably a 15 or so minute walk to Sacre-Coeur proper including going through the cutesy village area on top of the hill.

Yeah it's a chain name on the hotel sign but it actually blends well into a nice neighborhood around it and if you are uninspired by the hotel breakfast, you just improvise from the bakery, greengrocer, and impressively stocked Carrefour Express just out the door.

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Check out the Hotel Caravelle. It is in the 9th but a short walk (10 minutes) up to Montmartre. It is a 3 star hotel we discovered when the apartment we had rented was so unsatisfactory we had to escape it and find a hotel. The Caravelle was a happy discovery.

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I've stayed at the Timhotel-Montmartre and was quite happy with it. Assuming you don't mind climbing some hills. It's about half way between r Abbesses and Sacre Coeur. I didn't have breakfast there, as there are so many little restaurants and bakeries on rue Abbesses.