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A very specific hotel request

Hi all,

My boss has tasked me with finding a hotel in Paris that meets the following criteria.

  • Not in a touristy area, as he has no plans to sightsee.
  • Preferably in a neighborhood that fosters creativity.
  • Has large rooms.
  • Ideally costs $200 or less/night.

If anyone has any leads I will be most appreciative!

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I do believe the "Large rooms" was more in the "not a closet" vein, not actually expecting something large and luxurious. I should have been more clear!

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$200 / night in Paris not a closet in the next 3 weeks? Good luck on that. Poor planning by your boss

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Tell him to do his own research (unless he's your husband and I've misintepreted the thread!)

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I had the same reaction as JC. If you're not the person responsible for booking your boss's travel, then I would tell him to get a travel agent.

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We have no idea what sort of boss/underling relationship we are dealing with here so it seems a little presumptuous to assume that the OP should just tell the boss to do his own research. I have a friend in NYC who works as a personal assistant/home manager and making travel plans and reservations falls within her scope of responsibility regardless of how much or how little advance time she has before the proposed travel dates. Telling the couple she works for to do it themselves would be a recipe for being fired immediately or essentially quitting. I am pretty sure that if the OP could have told or wanted to tell the boss to do it himself, he or she would have done that.

@ a.drummond, take a look at Mama Shelter. They have some decent sized rooms. Your boss is traveling during late May/early June so it is a busy time in Paris. The good news is that he wants to be outside of the main tourist hubs so the budget might work and the rooms tend to be larger. I have an idea for another hotel. What about Hotel Scarlett? Unlike the ones I mention in my other post with the suggestions, I have not been there but I had my eye on it at one time. It is part of a group of three hotels all of which are in non-touristy areas.

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It's likely part of his or her job to make travel arrangements for the company.

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Some info I would want from this person before I could answer:

  • What part of Paris does your boss want to get to? That affects choice of hotel as well.
  • Is the destination actually in Paris (which Arrondissement?), or in the suburbs?
  • Creativity? Please clarify.
  • How large is large? Expect about enough space round the bed to walk, and somewhere to put your case. Probably a small table and chair.
  • I don't understand "$200 or less/night". What sort of '$' do you mean (you don't say where you are from)? They use Euros (€) in France.
  • I would investigate the Novotel and Ibis chains.

Edit: Creativity? Is you boss expecting a room where (s)he can work on something other than typing into a computer?

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Try the Butte-au-Cailles area. 13th arrondissement, plenty of street art, artists studios. Not hordes of tourists, but there will be some, including your boss.

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We stay at the Holiday Inn Express in the 19e on the Bassin de la Villette if we want a hotel away from the tourist areas yet near the Canal St Martin. The rooms are very large with plenty of room to walk around and a sofa to sit on, usually well under $200 USD, near 2-3 metro stops. We usually request a room with a balcony. The rooms where we’ve stayed have been L shaped with a bed in one part and a desk and sofa in the other part. The bathrooms aren’t as spacious as the rooms but they are functional. The decor certainly isn’t Parisienne but the spacious rooms, proximity to the canal and Park Butte Chaumont are what we choose some times.

Our family also liked the creative vibe of the nearby Le Centquatre-Paris.

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“ large rooms “ and under 200 dollars is going to be a task .

I’ve stayed in decent sized rooms - but more than 200 a night .

I’ve definitely stayed in rooms less than 200 a night , but small rooms .

You are now high season - boss is setting you up to not meet all his ( unrealistic ) expectations .

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I agree with other poster that said Hotel Novotel or Ibis. A chain hotel but a gd business hotel.

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So, a., have you found a room for your boss yet? And do you mean 200 US dollars or 200 Euro?

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As a couple others pointed out, I would look to chains, Ibis or the Holiday Inn's are in that price range and all over the city. I will be staying at the Holiday Inn in St. Germaine in June, that will be just over $200, but now it is going for a bit less.

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We have no idea what sort of boss/underling relationship we are dealing with here so it seems a little presumptuous to assume that the OP should just tell the boss to do his own research.

I was being tongue in cheek. I appreciate that sometimes humour does not come across as intended, I'll add an emoticon next time ; )

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I’d go with JHK’s recs, she’s the Paris hotel expert on this forum.
Good luck a, I hope you find the perfect one!