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A perfect Fench Omelete?

Leaving next week for my first trip to Paris and I'm wondering - does anyone have a favorite lunch place to be outdoors (weather permitting) or with a nice view, that would serve a beautiful omelete? My husband and I have a little vision of spending the perfect afternoon with one, and of course a glass of champagne.

I heard there is a place in the Marais that serves the best falafel - does anyone know where it might be? I would be happy to try them all and compare....😊
Also, any recommendations for non-touristy dinner places, nothing fancy, in the 5th?


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I wish I could give you a good answer to your where? question, but it reminded me of this video from Jacques Pepin-just perfection:

And yes, L'As du Fallafel was fabulous-though it does have its detractors-we loved it. I recommend adding the eggplant and hot sauce. The line moves fast.

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I think that's the place!

I will continue my search for the best omelete in Paris...

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Do a search on Paris food blogs. You might find a recommendation for a good omelette and at the very least discover some other restaurant, or cafe option that you might enjoy. Have a wonderful trip!

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Omelettes are popular as a quick lunch option in lots of outdoor cafes all over Paris - often served with fries (go figure). I had several very good ones during my stay in Paris but do not remember any particular one cafe that was superior.

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Funny you should mention a "Perfect French Omelette". I was on a cruise and listed on the breakfast menu was "Classic French Omelette" with gruyere cheese, so I ordered one. It arrived with no cheese and had gasp browned areas on the egg. I called the waiter over and pointed out that my omelette had no cheese and while I was at I would just mention that it had browned areas on the egg - a no-no for a french omelette.

My replacement omelette, delivered by the chef, was a "perfect" french omelette!

Let me know if you find one!

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We are leaving tomorrow for Paris! Your topic reminded me of an article by Ina Garten here. She and Jeffrey love to go to Cafe Varenne for a French Omelet. I think we will definitely need to have lunch there. Maybe we will run into Ina!

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On the subject of omelets - the one I was most disappointed with was at the La Mère Poulard on Mont-St-Michel. Nothing special, very over-priced. I guess you're paying for the theatrical production of the chef making the omelet, not the finished product.

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How about a perfect French soufflé to add to your quest? :-) If you're looking for a different classic French dish, this restaurant (review below) specializes in savory and sweet soufflés, and would be worth seeking out. We had a wonderful dinner at La Cuisine de Philippe in the 6th, within walking distance from our Latin Quarter hotel. The highlight of the meal for me was the pistachio soufflé with chocolate bits! My husband's Grand Marnier soufflé was also fabulous. Do make reservations for dinner, as it is small and fills quickly. It was reasonably priced, as well. We made our reservations just two days in advance, in July, and were able to get a table. Formules were either two or three courses, and the chef came out to talk to the guests as we were enjoying our soufflés.

Also, we enjoyed falafel from Maoz in the 5th, if you'd like to comparison shop for falafel! :-)

Have a great trip!