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Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Order alcohol-free drink in tapa bars?
mozart 3
Okay, I am taking your "Great Vienna Restaurants" suggestions here, for Br, L, and D
Shelley 11
NYSA is a great wine shop on Rue Cler
sandiealjones 1
Nutrition Facts Labels
buceri 7
November in Bad Ischl: Your favorite restaurants & markets
xxvii96 0
No recommendations
UncleGus 27
Non-English Menus without a Smart Phone
lisaew 21
Non alcoholic wine in Spain & Italy
Joni 5
Non Alcoholic trip?
wpstowell 45
"No fromage for you!"
Mike Beebe 18
No alcohol or coffee...or tea
the.rogers1998 25
New York City Progressive Dinner Tour
sherryjb 1
New Restaurants with "Chefs Surprise".
Jan 11
Netherlands Food
ET 17
Need a restaurant in Nice, France.
Jeanie 4
Need Advice on Preparing a British Tea for Family
Sun-Baked in... 46
teallen1126 1
more on sausages, for Memorial Day
avirosemail 33
Menus in English - good or bad?
tb911 75
Meat and dairy products are seasonal, too. Not just veggies!
avirosemail 12
Mass market food and drink?
Philip 11
Marzipan and Dulces in Toledo
joan.carroll 1
Market produce
cslh324 12
Low-Residue, Low-fiber diet in Europe
DrFunZ 5
Low carb, low sugar diet in England
SandraL 10
Lost appetite
Letizia 11
Looking for Madrid train station recommendations
w 4
London- Affordable eats
kel.mel 23
Loire to the South of France - restaurants
queenmab225 4
Local aperitifs in southern France
cgichard 7
Lisbon, Alfama wine store
princent1971 1
La Oliva, Granada
Kathleen 4
Lactose Intolerance in Italy
April 3
Italy-Places to eat
liz626 7
Italy Dilemma: Gelato!
Barb 4
Italian Cooking instead of travel
Jean 14
thetalbots58 1
Is it polite to share an entree or request "doggy bags" at restaurants in Spain and...
bkinn_1 7
Ireland - Best Thing I Ever Ate
Donna 14
Introvert anxious about dining out in Rome
Rebekah 25
Interesting blog post by David Lebovitz
Philip 10
Indoor Drinking Fountains -- rarer in Europe than the USA?
avirosemail 20
I going to France recently but I have a question.
twist6015 6
How to get the check?
Dav 36
How to eat balanced in Italy
Lulu 19
How to bring home French wine?
advocatecare 18
How to avoid diet issues when on a cruise ?
brown85jessica 15
How do you refuse alcohol or the like in Europe? (without offending or insulting them)
bmiskimens 26
Hot tea in Italy?
jhtin56 10
Home kitchen versions of great restaurant dishes -- Toledo style
avirosemail 3