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Food & Drink

Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Market produce
cslh324 12
allergic to wine, can I survive in Europe?
TucsonTraveler 12
Food provided in Hearts of France Tour
marbroderick23 12
Lola 10
Restaurants - Paris
Jersey Joe 8
Eating Europe Black Friday Discounts
horsewoofie 12
Budgeting for Meals
deastwood78 13
Tips for a Picky eater traveling to Central America
onesmartpart 13
Eating new foods in Italy.....
jillmc 13
Gluten Intolerant & some hot spice sensitivity
judy.ambler7 12
Meat and dairy products are seasonal, too. Not just veggies!
avirosemail 12
Beware of Picnicking in Venice and Florence
Anthony Don 13
Mass market food and drink?
Philip 11
Food sensitivities & travel
justemail 13
Curious, cooking & Celiac
Linda 13
Something that makes yearn to return!
Rob 13
Fresh Fruit in France
rosesimpkin 14
traveling with group in France, separate checks? reservations?
shawn 13
Bringing snacks like protein bars
Brian Jaay 14
alcohol and teens in Europe
twilt 13
When an aroma brings a travel memory to mind ...
avirosemail 14
Best Gnocchi in Rome
ownedby3 13
Allergy Issue
Gen 13
culture reflected in butchery, baking, dining, etc.
avirosemail 14
Ireland - Best Thing I Ever Ate
Donna 14
which food or drink must be tried in France?
twist6015 14
Holle formula in Spain and France available?
lenalauravienna 6
Good food in Paris that isn’t French
michaelwentzel2 15
Water availability on GAS tour
Laurie 15
How to avoid diet issues when on a cruise ?
brown85jessica 15
Substitute for Montasio cheese?
Lola 14
Italian Cooking instead of travel
Jean 14
Alcohol limits for drivers in France
Brenda 15
American Express vs. VISA use in Europe
Callie Girl 16
Think we can continue the "Coffee Talk" on this thread?
Shelley 16
Where is your favorite place for Pizza in Rome?
Will 13
Best Gelato in Rome
ownedby3 14
Chocolate and/or Pastries in Munich, Berlin, Budapest, Prague
Faith 17
We were soooo close!
jillmc 16
Sarah Murdoch
Kristen 17
Netherlands Food
ET 17
Beer in Ireland
Fritz 17
How to bring home French wine?
advocatecare 18
Vegetarian means different things
phred 16
"No fromage for you!"
Mike Beebe 18
Vapiano Restaurants
Lola 17
Have you tried the royal wedding beer?
avirosemail 16
Tap water in England & France
gina.h.hoffman 16
Bringing foodie souvenirs home
Justin 18
How to eat balanced in Italy
Lulu 19