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Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Puglia cuisine
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Cooking Schools
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Non alcoholic wine in Spain & Italy
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Low-Residue, Low-fiber diet in Europe
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What is the dry substitute for G2?
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Eating in Venice
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Be Sure to Check Centers for Disease Prevention on Vaccinations
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Pub Crawl and Cicchetti with Alessandro Schezzini in Venice
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Eating out with young children
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Birthday dinner in Venice
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Culinary Tour in Southern Italy, October 2021
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Looking for Madrid train station recommendations
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Excellent Cooking Class in Rome
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Favorite food tours in Italy
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Request of the chef
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Spaghetti producers
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Water In French Restaurants
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Cicchetti Bar In Venice - Cantina Do Mori
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Gluten-free afternoon tea in England (Bath, Moreton-in-Marsh, Oxford, and London)
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Rome - Great and CHEAP - Campo de Fiori
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I going to France recently but I have a question.
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recommendations for collapsible bottle
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Home kitchen versions of great restaurant dishes -- Toledo style
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Great Restaurant - Toledo, Spain
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Dining recommendations in Ljubljana
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Gluten Free travel tips
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Beyond the beer and brats
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Frankfurt and Bacharach for 5 nights...where to eat????
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Italy-Places to eat
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Credit Card Tip
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Free taste/try and samples: do you get suspicious?
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Toblerone Shrinking
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Dukoral and Drinking Bottled Water
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sensitive to cow dairy
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Beer tours
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Local aperitifs in southern France
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Exploring Thai cuisine on trip. Suggestions?
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Buying picnic supplies - quantity terminology?
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Is it polite to share an entree or request "doggy bags" at restaurants in Spain and...
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