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Where to rent a car in Paris to avoid major crazy traffic driving when leaving Paris to head South?

We were going to take the TGV when leaving Paris and pick up a car at the next station. However, after looking at the train time, it may as well just rent a car from Paris to save time and money.

We have decided to just rent a car from Paris to continue our trip heading south. Not sure which location to rent in order to avoid crazy driving and traffic within the city. Any suggestion?

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Vincelanier - I think it's apparent you've never driven in Paris and possibly you've just never been to Paris at all. You think you'll save "time" as well as money by renting a car to drive out of Paris? And you want to avoid crazy driving in Paris? Have you ever seen Paris traffic??? Take the train from Paris to your destination. Then if you must have a rental car get it there. Do not drive in Paris.

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What is your first destination after Paris?

If you're headed south and do want to pick up a rental car on the way out of Paris, look at Orly Airport. However, depending on your destination and how long you want to spend there, it may or may not be easier to take the train there, then pick up a rental car. If you need an automatic, you'll probably want to pick up at Orly; you may have more trouble farther away from where North Americans often rent.

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Please do let us know where you are going. South is a bit vague. Toulouse? Avignon? Lyon? Montelimar?

It will be exceedingly rare that a car (especially if you factor in the time it takes to obtain the car rental and get out of the exceedingly difficult traffic in Paris - get used to looking for the word on electronic signs "Fluide", you may not see it often) can beat a TGV. They go at 300+ kph and a car will be lucky to get much beyond 130, certainly if speeding tickets are considered.