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Transfer time in Helsinki

Tried to post this in a similarly-titled thread, but it's since been closed to inactivity...

Would 1 hr 50 min be enough transfer time in Helsinki to catch a flight to Rovaniemi, Finland, with three small kids? The flight is Seattle-Helsinki-Rovaniemi.

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There are no guarantees, but I would say that if your flight isn't late, you should have zero problems. The airport is small, well laid out and truly the most pleasant and non-hectic airport I've ever experienced. SEcurity is designed in a completely human-centered and logical way, and moves fast. Last time I was there I was struck by the fact that travelers waiting for flights actually looked RELAXED.

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Mm, thanks for your response!

When did you last travel there? Another question I forgot to ask is about the COVID/testing/vaccine requirements in Finland. I'm pretty sure they've all since been relaxed, but if you've been there recently, can you comment on that? Thanks!