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Paying for bus ticket at Hernesaari Port (Helsinki)

Our cruise ships docks at Hernesaari Port. The RS guidebooks suggest purchasing an all-day bus pass for eight euros at the Tourist Info kiosk. The guidebook mentions that the kiosk only takes credit cards. Has anyone purchased bus passes from this kiosk using a credit card from the US? Does the ticket machine want a PIN to complete the transaction? I have contacted my credit card companies and none issue a PIN. Will an ATM card from an American bank work as an alternative?

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The Helsinki transit website page on tickets:

Day ticket 2016
1 day ticket from bus, tram or train 8,00€

I would assume that taken literally, one could buy a 1 day pass from the bus operator. To buy a multi-day pass you would need to find a machine or ticket outlet.

You can find sales points using:

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The links provided the needed information. On the day of our port call, the TI booth was not open. I prepared with enough cash on hand for the four of us. The bus driver appreciated the exact change. There many tourists taking the bus that morning.

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I’m glad everything worked out well for you @damon_chu! I was in Helsinki in 2015 and I did the same: I bought a day ticket from the tram driver. I really like Helsinki with its architecture and the Lutheran Cathedral of Helsinki is so impressive. Crossing the sea by a ferry was an amazing experience as well. I hope you enjoyed your sightseeing tour in Helsinki!