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Nine Hours in Helsinki

We're about to book a Baltic Cruise that includes an 8:00am to 5:00 pm stop on Friday in mid-June. What should we do in Helsinki that is really unique to Helsinki?

I also have a couple of housekeeping questions: 1) how far (feet or meters) is the walk from the Cruise Ship Terminal to the nearest public transportation (bus/tram?), 2) Can tickets for transportation be purchased near the Terminal?, 3) Are tickets purchased at an automated kiosk or is there a person? (Our US-issued "chip and PIN" card is rarely accepted automated kiosks and we won't have Finnish currency for a nine hour visit). Thanks for any assistance.

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Finland's currency is the Euro which you could obtain in the US before your trip if you are concerned.

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Walking distance:
▲▲▲ Temppeliaukio Church Awe-inspiring, copper-topped 1969 "Church in the Rock."
▲▲ Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral Orthodoxy's most prodigious display outside of Eastern Europe.
▲▲ Lutheran Cathedral Green-domed, 19th-century Neoclassical masterpiece.

By bus:
▲▲ Seurasaari Open-Air Folk Museum Island museum with 100 historic buildings from Finland's farthest corners.
From the downtown Stockmann department store area Bus 24 takes about 50 minutes. (50 minutes includes 20 min walk from Viking terminal and 10 min walk to open air. Bus itself is 20 min not including wait time).

You can buy a single ticket from the driver or conductor. Please have
small or exact change ready.

By boat:
▲▲ Suomenlinna Fortress Helsinki's harbor island, sprinkled with picnic spots, museums, and military history.

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Mary, you were very polite re "Euro Currency". I didn't do my homework.

Edgar, can the boat trip be done along with the other spots you mentioned in the time we have in Helsinki?

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Kauppatori - Suomenlinna ferry takes about 15 minutes. You would need to manage your time with an eye on the ferry departure schedules. On a nice day a walk about on Suomenlinna is pleasant but it's not a Disneyland castle. It was a fortification designed to resist canon fire.

The ferry ride falls into the journey is as enjoyable as the destination category. You can do a short walk or spend a day.

Did you check out:

And a long story:

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can the boat trip be done along with the other spots you mentioned in the time we have in Helsinki?

As noted, the boat ride out to the island doesn't take long. I found the bus ride to the folk museum significantly longer. You may have time for both as long as you don't linger, but it would be tight.