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Night Cruise Stockholm - Turku queries

I plan to do overnight cruise Sunday 25th June Stockholm - Turku (Silja Galaxy if taking the Tallink Silja Line).
1. The E class cabin could be filled up to 4 passengers. I travel with my husband only so would this cabin class be shared with other passengers (like a night train)?
2. Any review on its A Class Double cabin? i think the difference between the E class is just the location, a closed window and the bed. I don't mind with twin beds either
3. As i read reviews to book Tallink Silja tickets directly from either swedish or finnish website, i found quite a huge difference with the english website. how could this be? perhaps i got it wrong? i found the cheapest one is on swedish website with the A Class double costs SEK380 around EUR40, Finnish web's price would be similar BUT English website would cost us EUR201 for the exact same type of room and travelling time!
4. I travel on Sunday. Would there be a lot of youngster and drunk people? Which level of decks should be better off to avoid the drunks?
5. Does Tallink Silja provide package for room+food as Viking does?
6. I read last year Tallink Silja terminal hall was being renovated resulted in a lengthy walk between the hall and ship. Has it been completed or still we have to walk quite a long way?
7. I check on Viking website only found 1 route option Stockholm-Kapellskar. Do they stop having service to other routes?

I initially tend to choose Tallink Silja as we'd prefer better newer rooms but it seems Tallink is filled with people trying to get cheap booze and drunk but don't know where to find Stockholm-Turku schedule on Viking's website.

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been there tens of times but only know some answers:

-I´d prefer Viking Line Grace, the new one...

-Silja is alright, but a bit run-down sometimes
-I guess Saturday is the worst day thinking of drinking. Never had a problem myself, usually we travel with little kids...

-Usually on these ships you always get the whole cabin for yourself (unlike the line Hki-St.- Petersburg or trains)..

-That price...weird. I would recommend having a call. That´s what we do, always...:)

Hope this is of some help! Have a nice journey!

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A couple of notes: On the link that Petrus provided, I see that M/S Amorella is the Viking boat scheduled for the overnight departure and Viking Grace for the daytime. They're suggesting a C4 economy cabin and the photo shows the room made up for just two people, with the upper bunks folded up, total price € 102 in English. They offer options for adding meals (and other services) before check-out.

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1) Unless a cabin is indicated as a shared cabin, the price is for the whole cabin.

2) Personally, I would avoid the E class cabin. It states, "due to cabin location you may experience some noise". That likely means it is a cabin below the car deck. Unless you are on a really tight budget, I would either choose an A class if you want a window or a B class if you don't.

3) I speak Swedish, so I went to check the prices on the Swedish site. The 380 SEK that you mention is for the 23 hour cruise (23h kryssning). If you choose this, you won't disembark in Turku (Åbo). This option is primarily for people who take the cruise to party. If you are getting off in Turku, you need to choose "Reguljärresa / En dåg i Åbo" (regular trip or one day in Åbo) and if this is just a one way trip, then also check the box "enkel väg" (one way). I see prices of 1160 SEK (E class), 1370 SEK (B class), and 1850 SEK (A class) for a one way trip on the day you mention.

4). I don't think Sunday is a particularly big drinking day, but if you want to avoid the drunks choose an A or B class cabin. People who are only traveling to party tend to choose the cheapest cabin possible.

5) You can make a restaurant reservation or book the buffet on either line. I prefer the restaurants to the buffets, but some people like the novelty of having a smörgåsbord.

6) I don't know the answer. My last trip was in 2014 and it was on Viking line.

7) This is where you book Viking Line

Amorella is the ship the evening of June 25th. On Viking, C class cabins are below the car deck, so I would choose A (177 EUR) or B (136 EUR) unless you are on a tight budget.

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Hi Laura and petrus.virta

Thanks so much for the insight. I thought that the 'Reguljärresa' means round trip :D. got it, the price is likely to be the same then just difference in currency rate. Noted better not to take the below car decks cabin.

Also my hubby was concerned with the waves during the trip as it is unpredictable too. We had been in cruise once and happened to experience strong waves for few days. We did not get any seasick but it did give that anxious feeling that we could not run anywhere, to a firmer ground, we're completely stuck in the ship. kudos for the shipping crews as most of them are from faraway countries too.

so my hubby comes up with the second plan to just fly to Helsinki from Stockholm and do the ferry cruise to Talinn instead. I feel that Talinn is prettier and offers something different than Turku as it's located in different country but we'd miss passing Stockholm Archipelago. What do you guys think?


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I've taken a number of overnight ferries on the Baltic (8 or 9 times) and have never experienced rough seas. I also lived in Stockholm for a couple years. I doubt you would have an issue in June.

I would take the cruise to either Helsinki or Tallinn. The boats to Helsinki are nicer. Then take the faster boat between Helsinki and Tallinn.

I visited Turku about 20 years ago. There is more to do and see in both Tallinn and Helsinki.

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Hi Laura
yes that could be other option too, stockholm - helsinki by ferry. didn't cross my mind. thanks for the insight :) looking at pics i'd prefer talinn too, actually just find out about it recently when browsing about day trips from Helsinki