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Less than 24 hours in Helsinki end of August

Hello. I'll be flying to Helsinki from Stockholm. Single middle age woman traveling alone. Would it be more advisable to stay at a hotel closer to the airport? If I stay at a hotel near the airport is there a train that I can take to explore the city for the brief time that I have? I haven't booked my flight from Stockholm to Helsinki yet but I have options of taking either a flight that leaves at 6:40 am or 1:20 pm. I'll only be in Helsinki for the day as my flight leaves the next day. Thanks.

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Here's the site with info about transportation between the airport and central Helsinki.

I was there in 2012, and the train was not yet in service, so I don't know anything about it. I traveled by bus.

I think it is possible to get a good feel for Helsinki in a day. I'd suggest taking the early flight (if you can manage getting to the airport in Stockholm for a flight that early) so you can have a full day to see Helsinki.

There is a hotel at the airport: Seems like that would make sense. You could arrive, drop your bags at the hotel, and then catch the bus or train into Helsinki for the day.

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Trains run frequently for around €5.50 one-way and are easy to use. But the airport is far outside the city and the city is beautiful and there is so much to do in the evening. So if this post still is current feel free to respond and I can make some suggestions.