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Helsinki in mid late March

I am planning on visiting a cousin who lives in Stockholm next year. Due to my work schedule it will likely be in mid-late March. While I am there I would like to visit Helsinki for 4 or 5 days by myself. Has anyone travelled to Helsinki in late March? What is the weather normally like? I am used to cold, snowy winters so cold/snow would not necessarily be a deterrent. However I am concerned about the possibility of flights being cancelled due to snow/blizzards, etc.

Has anyone been to Helsinki in March and loved it?!

Thanks in advance :)

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We've been to HEL in April and again in February and enjoyed both trips. Helsinki was a jump off to more northern parts of Finland.

We arrived early April with winter like (i.e. snow) conditions and departed late April with spring like weather. The fast ferry to Tallinn was not running because of ice.

Last trip was in February and definitely winter. Our departing flight had to be de-iced. But keep in mind that Helsinki is a modern city and does snow removal and the airport know how to deal with snow and ice. Nordic saying: No such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing.

Planning to visit Finland? You can check what kind of weather is
expected during different times of the year.

The weather statistics are compiled for the capital Helsinki in the
south and for Rovaniemi in the Arctic Circle.

How to interpret graphs:

  • "Typical" = most common value
  • 95 % range = 95 % of the observations fall in this range (shaded)

Seasons in Finland

The annual changes in temperature are of crucial importance for
Finland's climate. It is natural to distinguish seasons using a
thermal criterion, with seasons defined by the daily mean temperatures
of 0°C and 10°C. With this criterion the lengths of seasons can vary
greatly from year to year.