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Helsinki from Tallin seeking ideas for budget lodging and cafes that are not outrageous.

HI forum friends!!!!! I am a retired USA teacher that enjoys solo travel for 4-6 weeks so cost is a big concern. I have never been to any places in Scandinavia since everything listed on line or in guide books seems so $$$$
Other than hostels are there other options for lodging hopefully with a shared kitchen to enable me to eat for less. Do locals rent out rooms with out going through an agency such as Airbnb or VRBO? If so does the TI office in Helsinki list these lower cost options?

I want to do the free city walk and check out museums. I will use take out/ grocery deli counter for my snacks and evening meal but I would like to try some local dishes at lunch.
Any info will be greatly appreciated. My trip will be Spring/summer 2020 to celebrate my 77th birthday.
Carol Leisch

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There is Air B&B and you can also just search for all the options it lists (there are many). There are a few hostels too, I have used them as an adult & been perfectly happy. General standards & expectations are high in Nordic countries (not necessarily in Estonia BTW), so the hostels will be nice.

BTW, many lighthouse islands also have accommodations, including room up in the lighthouse itself at Benktskär (possibly others too of which I am not aware).

Do be aware that early August might be hot & cheaper rooms are not likely to have AC.

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Thanks for the info on lighthouse lodging. I had not read about that as an option. It is a bit above my budget so I think a hostel is my best choice. YES I will pay extra to have air con that's for sure.
Best regards...carol

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I was there in 2003, but I did not find Helsinki prices to be high at all, coming from New York; they seemed very reasonable. Stockholm prices were a bit higher, but Rick had some money saving tips that worked well (particularly that restaurants have weekday lunch specials). And Oslo - that was sticker shock!

There was lots of reasonably priced prepared food at the harborside market in Helsinki.

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Thanks Harold I will keep harborside places to eat in mind...I dont think I will have the time or $$ to see any other parts of Scandinavia but I really wanted to take the ferry from Tallin to Helsinki and stay 1-2 nights!

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It's been a couple of years since we last stayed at the Hotel Arthur but it was economical for Helsinki, clean and basic and a big step up from the hostel:

The Eurohostel has private 2 person rooms with shared bath. Not too far out from the center (1 km from Senate Square, 2 km from train station, close to Viking Line terminal).

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Thanks Edgar I was glad to see info on Arthur Hotel. Sounds like a good budget choice for pricey Helsinki. Also the web site stated that NON guests could still come and eat the $11 buffet which sounds like there is a myriad of choices and with a drink its a bargain for that central area dining.