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Helsinki Cruise Stop - SAUNA opportunities?

This summer, I'm tagging along on a cruise to Scandinavia, the Baltics and St. Petersburg. I've picked all my excursions, but I've got some extra time in Helsinki and was hoping to visit a sauna and have the true Finnish experience.

Anyone have ideas where might be easily accessible to do the whole thing (travel to and from, included) within 2-3 hours of the cruise port and/or city centre? No need to be a particularly touristy one - I did a neighbourhood Hammam in Marrakech and appreciated (not sure if that's exactly the right word) the fish out of water feeling...

Recommendations for a good place for authentic food nearby would be appreciated - I'd love to wander until I find that little gem, but I just won't have the time, sadly.

I'm normally a church & castle gawker, but the tours are covering most of those, so I'm looking for moments of real life! I'm also under 35, and I love seeing what makes a place what it is - the history/architecture, etc. Truthfully, cruise vacationing isn't normally my preferred mode, but the opportunity to be the cheaper 3rd bunk was too good to pass up! I will take the trip as my Tapas tour of the region - getting a little taste so I know what I MUST visit again in future!

Other stops, if anyone has additional ideas:
Stockholm, Sweden
Tallinn, Estonia
Klaipeda / Memel, Lithuania
Mariehamm, Aland Islands
Karlskrona, Sweden
Kristiansand Norway
St Petersburg, Russia
Copenhagen, Denmark
Oslo, Norway

Thank you for ideas!

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I suggest you go on .. its the best forum for cruises.. it lists by ship, cruiseline, and ports of call etc.. and you will have a better chance of someone who has been exactly where you are going .. on your exact time constraints being able to help. Good luck.

Also ask on , each city has its own forum.. so you can google " Sweden Forums " etc.

Still think cruisecritics is best though.

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Great that you're going on this Baltic cruise which includes a stop in Klaipeda, the former historical Memel in the most northeast strip (Memelland) of East Prussia at that time. It was wrecked in the war and would be very interesting to see how the reconstruction took place esp as regards to the Old Town. From Klaipeda there is a ferry connection to Germany, ie, to Kiel.

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In Helsinki, Rick reports, "I got on the subway and headed for the scruffy Sörnäinen district and my destination — Kotiharjun Sauna." See more in Articles.