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What do travelers think of Helsinki? We are traveling through Copenhagen, Stockholm and Norway.

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It’s been over a decade since I was there last, but since you didn’t get many responses, I thought I would at least offer my two cents. I loved Helsinki after spending two weeks on the fortress-islands of Suomenlinna in the harbor. Absolutely beautiful, especially in the summer with lots of sunlight due to the high latitude. As one poster noted, it is very expensive, but I wouldn’t say it’s much worse than the Scandinavian countries you’re coming from. It’s also a bit out of the way from the other countries you listed, but Rick has a great article and some videos about taking the ferry from Stockholm. Hope this helps a little!

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Helsinki is wonderful. It's is rather newish compared to other European locales but still has a charm that feels older.
And the Finnish people are so nice and accomodating. Helsinki is incredibly walkable and for those sights that are further away, a quick ride on the tram is all that is needed.

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We were there for a day in June off of a cruise ship. We also loved Helsinki. We enjoyed the port market, the little streets, coffee and pastry shops. Wonderful people. Wish we could have strolled around more. The Sibelius monument was way more interesting than I’d anticipated.

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Loved it. Smaller, great walking city. Interesting architecture and design capital. Loved the harbor and parks! Recommend!