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My teenage daughter and I will arrive in Helsinki at the end of August very late. (11:00 pm ish) I have not booked a room because I was a bit nervous about transportation at night as first time visitors. I considered a sleeping pod but really want to explore the beautiful city before we reboard the following evening. I was hoping to get recommendations for accommodations and information about train station safety. Thank you for any help. We are very excited for this opportunity to explore Helsinki.

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Personally, arriving so late, I'd probably book an airport hotel and take the train into town the next day - either leave your luggage at your hotel til you come back later, or store it in lockers at the train station in town for the day.

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I'm not clear on what your issue or question is. If you don't want to book a hotel room because of safety concerns, where in the heck will you be staying or doing all night?

I can also tell you that Helsinki is extremely safe. If you are from the US and worry about late night safety in large cities, there is no comparison between the US and most of Western Europe. You'll also find lots of people out and about even at that hour. And you can always take a taxi to your hotel.

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Reserve a room in the central city and take a taxi there. Don't worry about safety in the train station or elsewhere in Helsinki.