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Finland June 2022

My extended family and I are planning a trip to Finland in June 2022 (covid-willing.) The purpose (aside from Finland being awesome) is to take my mother in law there while she's still spry and eager to travel--both her parents were born in Finland.

My question is, given the constraint that we must travel in June (and perhaps into the first week of July) is there a 10 day period that would be best? I've read that Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day (June 24-25) are both the worst time and the best time to be there. I hope to identify dates and then start mapping out our itinerary, which will include visiting many small towns with family ties as well as time in Helsinki and Tallinn.

We are all experienced European travelers, but aside from my husband's one day stopover in Helsinki years ago none of us have spent time in Finland. Any advice or tips would be very appreciate as we plan this once-in-a-lifetime trip "home" for my sweet mother in law.

Thank you!

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Midsummer is certainly a special time to visit the Nordic countries. If you want to experience midsummer, it is a great time to visit. If you don't want to, it is a horrible time as public transport will be limited and shops and restaurants will be closed over midsummer. Apart from that, going before midsummer is better than going after.

What part of Finland is your mother in law from?

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Thank you for the advice about Midsummer. I think experiencing it in Finland would be amazing, if we can navigate closures etc. by planning ahead. Can you tell me if there's any particular location where we might want to be for Midsummer?

My mother in law's parents are from Vaasa and Alahärmä, but she has family from Rautalampi, Ylihärmä, Liinamaa, and Pernåas well so those villages are also on our travel list (along with larger cities like Turku and Porvoo and of course Helsinki.)

Thank you so much!

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I'm sorry, but my knowledge about midsummer in Finland is limited, I can give you some great advice on midsummer in Sweden though :-)

What I do know is that the celebrations on Åland are a bit special with very decorated midsummer poles, so that might be a good place for midsummer.

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My grandparents were from Alahärmä! My sister and I will be in Finland in March/April, meeting
up with with a Finnish cousin we have never met. She has a three week itinerary planned, including time in the Alahärmä area meeting up with other relatives.