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Finland in late September?

My husband and I are spending the second week of September in Estonia and want to add 7-10 days in Finland and a few more in Stockholm and perhaps Riga, depending on flights. The best flights would land us in Riga in early Sept. If we choose this option, many activities in Finland will be closed for the season by the time we arrive around 18 Sept. But, from my reading, I believe we can still rent bikes here and there, weather permitting. And Fall colors ought to be going in the northern areas. My question is whether we ought to take the not-as-ideal flights and try to get to Finland first, in late August, and spend the last of August and the first week of Sept. in Finland BEFORE our Estonian dates? I realize this is somewhat subjective, depending on one's interests while traveling. Good food and nature are our priorities and experiencing the culture as closely as we can. Will a few weeks make a significant difference and is it a negative one for reasons I am missing?
Thank you!

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I would vote to do Finland first. The days get short in September in Finland especially if you go north from Helsinki and it can get cold. You may want to check temperature charts and length of days for the dates you were thinking of. We camped in Kuopio which is north from Helsink--very prettyi. Also there are islands (a bazillion of them) between Finland and Sweden that had great campgrounds, some with saunas. We traveled by car but there were many boarding the ferries on bicycles with camping gear. Some campgrounds had kitchens and eating areas adjacent. But we were there in June and could set up camp at midnight and still have some daylight.

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On this site sunset times look about one hour different in Helsinki between Sept. 1 (8:25 p.m.) and Sept. 18 (7:33 p.m.).

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Thank you for your insight and links. The difference in temperatures those 20 days (can potentially) make was the tipping point. We'll be in Finland for the last of August and first week of September.

Thank you also for making your responses in a very timely manner.